What to wash clothes with if there is no detergent: handy alternatives are needed

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What to use for laundry without laundry detergent

Sometimes force majeure happens in life, so there are situations when you urgently need to wash your clothes and run out of powder. You need to act promptly because old stains are very difficult to remove.

Simple and effective ingredients that are available in every home will help. Read the OBOZREVATEL article on how to wash clothes if you don't have any powder.

Method 1. DIY laundry detergent

You can make a special laundry detergent yourself. However, there is a caveat - this method should be used only by hand. It is better not to pour such a liquid into the washing machine.

The necessary ingredients:

  • Baking soda
  • Solid soap (preferably laundry soap)
  • Water

For your convenience, we offer step-by-step instructions.

Step 1. Grate 100 g of solid soap.

Step 2. Pour 2 liters of water into a container and dissolve the grated soap in it.

Step 3. Put the container on the stove and heat it at a low temperature, stirring thoroughly.

Step 4. Baking soda has unique cleaning properties that will help effectively remove the most difficult stains. So when the soap is completely dissolved, add another 100 g of baking soda to the solution.

Such a solution can be prepared in advance, poured into a spray bottle or bottle, and used as needed.

Method 2. Dishwashing detergent

Stains can be treated with dishwashing detergent. If you don't have detergent, you can pour the detergent on the stains for 30 minutes and then add it to the washing machine. You can also use detergent by hand.

Method 3. Shampoo or gel

Shampoo or shower gel can be a substitute for laundry detergent in emergency situations when you need to soak a stain quickly. But do not put these products in the machine, as they create too much foam.

Method 4. Mustard powder

You can add a little mustard powder to the washing machine drum - no more than 50 grams. The temperature should be chosen according to the recommendations on the clothing label. But it is better not to wash cotton clothes with mustard powder.

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