What to sow for seedlings now: the harvest will be early

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The end of February is a great time to start sowing seeds for seedlings. This will allow you to get an early harvest, as well as enjoy the beauty of flowering plants in the spring.

OBOZ.UA has prepared a list of crops that should be sown at the end of winter and some tips that will make your seedlings strong and healthy, and the harvest abundant and tasty.


Strawberry seeds germinate rather slowly, so you can sow them now. Use moist soil for this purpose. It is also advisable to stratify the seeds, i.e. keep them cold to get the harvest as soon as possible.

Stalked and root celery

Celery also takes a long time to germinate, but this process can be accelerated by warming the seeds. Then it can be planted either in rows with an interval of 2 cm or in separate containers. After that, cover the seedlings with foil and moisten the soil with a spray bottle if necessary.


Eggplants are also sown in early February, but they are usually late-ripening varieties. Seeds should be planted in small containers and sprinkled with soil by half a centimeter, covered with foil and placed in a warm place. Eggplants need a fairly high temperature to germinate (about 27°C).


For best results, it is recommended to germinate the seeds first. Then distribute the soil in cups and moisten it well. Make small indentations and plant one or two seeds. Cover the containers with foil and place them in a warm place. When the first sprouts appear, remove the film and leave the peppers on the windowsill.

What to sow for seedlings now: the harvest will be early


If the climate allows you to plant tomatoes outdoors in late April or early May, you can start planting them now. Put the seeds in separate cups or at a distance of 3-4 cm from each other, sprinkle with a centimeter of soil, cover with foil and send them to the heat. As a rule, tomatoes produce the first sprouts in 5-6 days. After that, the seedlings are taken out into the light.


Parsley seeds are sown in separate containers. The plants will be ready for planting outdoors in 2.5-3 months.


You can sow basil now to plant it outdoors in a greenhouse in two months.

Warm the seeds before putting them in cassettes or small glasses.

Flower crops

What to sow for seedlings now: the harvest will be early


Viola seeds are very small, so they need to be well buried in the soil. The grown seedlings are placed in separate cups and kept indoors. When the first pair of leaves appears, the flower should be repotted.


This is a perennial plant with a long growing season. After you have sown lavender, it should be placed in a cold room for at least a month. Then the plant is moved to a warm place and repotted after three leaves appear.


Unlike lavender, this is an annual flower. After sowing, the seeds are sprinkled with a small amount of soil. You need to dive after the appearance of four leaves, and you can plant it outdoors in the last days of spring.

In addition, at the end of February, you can start growing seedlings of petunia, seaside cineraria, lobelia, marigold, Shabo carnation, etc.

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