What to replace a deodorant with: five successful options

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Deodorant can be made from natural ingredients

There can be many reasons to give up store-bought deodorants: from the desire to switch to more natural cosmetics to caring for the environment. However, it is important to choose a product that is effective, easy to use, and gentle on the skin.

OBOZREVATEL tells you about several recipes for such products. You can prepare them from available ingredients yourself. Some can be purchased ready-made.

Baking soda or cornstarch

These culinary substances can also be excellent hygiene products. To make a deodorant out of starch or baking soda, mix 1/8 teaspoon of dry powder with a little water. The result should be a paste-like substance. It should be applied evenly to the armpits and allowed to dry.

Important. Baking soda can cause irritation in people with sensitive skin. Therefore, a reaction test should be performed before use.

Lemon juice

The antibacterial properties of lemon will help to avoid the development of unpleasant odors as it is bacteria that provoke them. To use it as a deodorant, you need to squeeze about one teaspoon of fresh juice, moisten a cotton ball with it, and wipe your armpits.

Important. This product should not be applied immediately after shaving as it will cause a strong burning sensation. It is also better to conduct a preliminary test for skin sensitivity to lemon juice.


Antiseptic hand liquids also fight bacteria well. However, you need to choose a product that contains skin care ingredients such as glycerin, aloe, or calendula in addition to alcohol. Pure alcohol will dry out the skin.

Important. This product is also not suitable for use immediately after shaving.

Coconut oil

A mixture of coconut oil, baking soda, and cornstarch can replace solid deodorant. To make it, you need to take 6 tablespoons of oil and 4 tablespoons each of baking soda and starch and mix everything thoroughly into a homogeneous mass. Next, make a convenient stick from this mass and store it in the refrigerator.

Another variant of coconut oil deodorant is made with the addition of tea tree oil, a strong antiseptic that also has a pleasant aroma. For 0.5 cups of coconut oil, you need only 10 drops of oil. They are also mixed well and formed into a stick.

Crystal deodorant

This product contains nothing but mineral salts that protect against excessive sweating. This deodorant should be applied to damp skin or dipped in water before use. It will create a thin protective barrier and work throughout the day. Ideally, it should be applied in several layers, allowing each layer to dry completely. Then the protection will be maximized. An additional advantage is that this product does not leave marks on clothing.

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