What to give parents for the New Year: useful and symbolic options

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These gifts are unlikely to end up on the back shelf until better times

Raise your hands if you have been asked by your parents what you want as a gift for the New Year and if you answered, "I don't want anything, I have everything." And now those find their gifts unwrapped after a few years because they were kept "for later".

It is almost impossible to fight these habits. But you can try to give your parents something that will be immediately useful. The main thing is to choose an item that will make your parents happy. OBOZ.UA has collected some ideas that might work.

Family memories

If your family has moved to different cities or even countries, a gift like a photo book will be an ideal choice for parents. Make a special photoshoot or come up with a whole comic book with old and new shots and print it on good paper. Parents will definitely like this addition to the library. They will flip through it almost every day. At least at first. It can also be your portrait on canvas, restored old family photos, an electronic photo frame with uploaded photos, a flip calendar with photos of grandchildren, etc. The main principle is to bring together warm family memories.

Subscriptions to online TV, magazines, or streaming services

This is a gift that can't be put away in a drawer. Choose an online service that collects as much content that your parents like as possible. It can be a streaming service with TV shows or movies, a package of thematic TV channels, or magazines about needlework and fishing. They'll be entertained all year long.

Thermal mugs or heated cups

A thermal mug is a good gift for parents who like to walk, have a dog or go to the country. This way, they will always have their favorite hot drinks at hand on the go. Besides, such a device weighs a little. A heated cup is more suitable for those who prefer the comfort of home. This way, your favorite drink will stay hot for a long time and you can enjoy it over time, rather than drinking it quickly before it cools down.

Warm slippers

Older people try to keep their feet warm. That's why slippers are always a good gift. Choose a more expensive pair made of quality materials that will really warm and won't fall apart in a few weeks, like the ones parents often buy for themselves at the nearest market.

Set of products

Try to choose something perishable. Otherwise, you risk finding that beautiful package of teas you bought now on the kitchen shelf in a year. You can choose a steak set with instructions, several types of delicious oils, seafood, etc. Like it or not, you will have to put such a gift to use.

Home appliances

A coffee maker, a robot vacuum cleaner, a multifunctional blender, or a set of power tools: any of it can be a great gift if parents use various gadgets in the household. The main principle here is to choose according to the level of tech knowledge. If they can barely handle a phone, look for options that include only the functions that are directly necessary in the household, and the buttons that turn it on.

Bag on wheels

Such a gift may look unattractive and even ridiculous to a young person, but for older people, especially those who like to shop at the market, it risks becoming irreplaceable. A spectacular bag on wheels with convenient compartments for various things will make everyday life much easier. It can also become a good accessory.


If parents complain of back and neck pain, massager can be a good choice. Just show them how to use it right away, so they can experience its benefits right during the holiday. And, again, choose one that matches their skills in using consumer electronics.

Blanket with sleeves

An ideal choice for parents who save on heating. It will keep you warm and won't interfere with simple household chores, such as crafting, knitting, or simply eating snacks in front of the TV.


Parents who love to read will definitely like this gift. You can download a lot of books. At the same time, it is easy to take it with you on the road, for example, to the same summer house. Unlike tablets, e-books are less strenuous on the eyes, and they can also change the font size, which is also a considerable advantage.

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