What to gift to friends for the New Year: original ideas

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When choosing gifts for friends, you can be creative

While Christmas is a family holiday, we often dedicate the New Year to our friends. This means it's time to think about gifts for them. Usually, we want to give something unusual and memorable, but coming up with a suitable idea is perhaps the most difficult thing.

OBOZ.UA asked experts for their advice on what to present to friends on New Year's Eve. Here are some of the ideas they suggested.

A set of interests

Friends are friends, so if you don't share their interests, you should at least be aware of them. Based on this information, you can come up with a good gift. But it is better to buy not just one item, but a set of miniatures that will allow your friend to expand their horizons. What can it be? For example, a set of perfume samples, several types of coffee or tea, a miniature florarium with plants, a set of interesting materials for needlework, candles with different scents, some unusual stationery, and even a six-pack of beer with unusual flavors or a set of exotic sauces - the scope for imagination is endless. Don't focus on one thing, give the person a choice.

Master class

Continuing the theme of hobbies, you can give your friend a certificate for training in their hobby. It can be a pizza baking master class, pottery classes, a lecture by a prominent expert in their field, or training with a champion in their sport. The main condition is that the validity of the certificate should be long enough for the person to find time in their schedule to attend the class.


Whether your friend likes active recreation or prefers relaxation, you can find a gift to suit their taste. It can be a trip to an escape room, a massage, meditation classes, a skydive, or even a weekend in the country. By the way, you can make such a gift as a pair - for you and your friend. This will bring you even closer together.

Something made with your own hands

If your friend has everything and needs nothing, try to impress them with your talents. For example, bake special New Year's cookies. You can make them with predictions inside. Or make a cup with your own hands that would symbolize your friendship, paint the cover of a notebook, or create a homemade photo book with photos of you together. Such a gift will definitely have a special meaning for your friend.

A paired gift about your friendship

For friends with whom you have a lot in common, you can choose a paired gift. Do you remember those children's heart pendants that you have to break in half and wear the halves as a sign of your friendship? Try to come up with something similar. For example, it can be identical kitchen aprons if you share a love of cooking, the same pair of jewelry (just don't choose something expensive), identical photo panels with your photos together, diaries for a year with a place for handwritten wishes for each other, paired dog overalls, especially if you have pets of the same breed, and even statuettes made of stones picked up on your favorite beach. Don't limit your imagination by creating something unique based on your shared experiences.

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