What to do with thuja in the fall: how to trim correctly

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Thuja needs to be prepared for winter correctly

Thuja is one of the most popular ornamental trees, appreciated for the spectacular appearance of its evergreen branches and ease of care. Nevertheless, you need to take care of the plant. In particular, you need to know how to prepare it for winter.

OBOZREVATEL has collected some tips on how to feed thuja before the cold weather. And how to properly prune the plant so as not to harm it. 

How to prune thuja in the fall

The fall season, like spring, is a good time for sanitary pruning of thuja. Dry, damaged, and diseased branches, yellowed needles, and areas with signs of disease and pest infestation can be safely removed with a sharp tool. Experts advise cutting off all substandard tissue up to the healthy part of the branch.

In addition, formative pruning of thuja is allowed in the fall. It is necessary to correct shoots cut earlier in the year.

Before and after such treatment, the tool must be thoroughly disinfected. It is also important to work in dry weather and temperatures above 5 degrees Celsius.

How to fertilize thuja in the fall season

In the fall, fertilizers are applied only to those bushes that did not receive comprehensive nutrition in spring or summer. This is especially true for long-acting products. If you have used them, autumn fertilization will be superfluous.

If the plant needs fertilization, the procedure should be carried out about a month before the frost. Choose fertilizers with a high content of phosphorus and potassium. The dosage of nitrogen should be minimal. Better yet, it should not be in the product at all. Nitrogen promotes the growth of green mass, which can even be dangerous before winter.

Choose fertilizers designed specifically for conifers. Better yet, choose fertilizers labeled specifically for use in the fall.

Preparing for winter

Winter weather is dangerous for Thuja because of snow and ultraviolet radiation. Snow that settles on the branches of the bush can break the plant. Therefore, it is advisable to tie it up with a rope for the winter, bringing the branches together. But it is important not to pull them tightly so as not to damage them. Remove the ropes as soon as the winter is over.

Another method of protecting the thuja is to cover it. Even though the sun is inactive in winter, it can cause burns to delicate needles, so experts recommend covering the thuja with a breathable cover made of white cotton, burlap, or light-impermeable agrofiber. Plastic films should not be used - they do not allow air to pass through, which can be detrimental to thuja.

The thuja is covered in late October or November but before the first snow. The plant is tied up after its branches have been covered with sun protection.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told you what you need to do in the garden before the end of the summer heat.

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