What to do with tangerine peels: interesting ideas

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How to use tangerine peels

Tangerines are a constant attribute of winter holidays. Usually, the peels go into the trash, but there are many options for more rational use. First of all, the peels should be thoroughly dried to remove all moisture, put them in a container and put it in a cool, dark place.

You can also place the peels in the freezer after thoroughly washing and drying them for several hours. Read what to do with the leftover tangerines after the New Year in the OBOZ.UA article.

Preventive folk remedies

Tangerines contain a large amount of vitamin C, so the peels are often used in folk medicine. For example, you can make a cough decoction by pouring 1.5 tablespoons of peels with 400 ml of water and cooking for up to 5 minutes after boiling. Then cool and take 150 ml up to 3 times a day. You can inhale the steam infusion for a runny nose. The peels are also added to decoctions or teas.

Cosmetic life hacks

Tangerine peels are used in cosmetology. Experts advise pouring water over them and leaving them for a day. This solution can be applied as a refreshing tonic. It is also advised to grind the peels to a powder, add water and use the product as a scrub once a week.

Garden life hacks

Dry peels can be buried in the soil around the perimeter of the garden in spring. Experienced gardeners say that harmful insects will not bother the plants after that.

The peels will also help against moths if you make flavored sachets or simply place them on shelves.


In winter, plants need nutrients and minerals. Using water infused with tangerine peels will revitalize indoor plants.

Homemade flavors

If you do not want to use various chemical fragrances, you should take the peels and place them in the corners of the room. And if there are radiators or heating panels nearby, this will enhance the smell.

If your winter shoes or slippers have an unpleasant odor and you don't have any special products at hand, you should put peels inside for a night, which will instantly fill your shoes with freshness.

Life hack for barbecue

Culinary experts advise drying and crushing the peels and adding them to the fire while cooking kebabs. This will not only speed up the ignition but also create a spicy and citrusy flavor for the meat.


You can make candied fruits from tangerine peels.

You will need:

  • 500 g of peels;
  • 400 g of sugar:
  • 150 ml of water.

Pour water into a saucepan, dissolve the sugar, wait until it boils and add the peels. Then turn on the heat and cook until the liquid evaporates. Take out the tangerine peel and dry it at a minimum temperature of 50-60 degrees in an oven or stove until it is completely dry.

Tangerines can be used to make natural food flavors: chopped or sliced peels are fine. You can add them to baked goods, meat, fish or cheesecakes.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA told you how to make a tangerine candle that will surprise all guests.

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