What to do with old nylon tights: 8 interesting ideas

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Where you can use old nylon tights

Although nylon tights are an indispensable item, they are very fragile. Even a small roughness or a minor snag can cause damage to the material.

Experts say that tights with minor imperfections can be useful in everyday tasks. Read the OBOZ.UA article to find out where you can use old nylon tights.

First life hack

Our grandmothers used nylon to strain liquids. You just need to fold the material in several layers (depending on the thickness of the product) and attach it to the edges of the container with an elastic band.

Second life hack

If you don't have a sifter for flour, you can use clean nylon stockings. They have long been used in the process of making cheese as a container for hanging the product.

Third life hack

Tights can be used to create homemade natural flavors. There are many tips on how to create flavored sachets using tights online. For the filling, you can use herbs, coffee beans, citrus zest, and pine needles from the Christmas tree.

Fourth life hack

Nylon can effectively remove dirt and dust from surfaces. Thus, you can use damaged tights to make high-quality household rags for cleaning mirrors and windows. Just fold the material into a square and sew it crosswise.

Fifth life hack

Tights can even help get rid of moths. These insects feed on substances contained in wool and fur, so they often spoil your favorite clothes. The life cycle of a moth is short - from a few days to a few weeks - but this is enough for the insect to lay a huge number of eggs. Aromatic herbs are great for repelling moths. You need to take old tights, fill them with lavender, rosemary, cloves, and sew them into pillow-shaped pads.

Sixth life hack

Old tights are also used to dye Easter eggs. To do this, put one egg in a nylon bag, tie it tightly and dip it in a liquid with dye.

Seventh life hack

Nylon is indispensable for cleaning. For example, it will help you pick up small items like Christmas sparkles or beads from the floor. You just need to put the nylon product on the vacuum cleaner and walk over the contaminated areas. Small objects will remain on the surface of the nylon.

Eighth life hack

Nylon is also useful for cleaning shoes. Just try polishing the surface with the material and you will be surprised.

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