What to do to prevent doors from squeaking: the most effective solutions

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Squeaky doors can be tried to "outsmart," or the sound can be eliminated using household remedies

Several sounds in the house can be very disturbing and even annoying. One of them is a door creaking. It is also difficult to use such doors when someone in the house is resting. But the problem can be solved with the help of improvised means.

Sante Plus tells you how to make sure that the door does not creak. And what to do when you urgently need to open a squeaking door while someone is sleeping next to you.

What causes squeaking

The source of the unpleasant sound is the door hinges. The metal surfaces of the hinge and the axis rub against each other during operation, which causes noise. This can be caused by a lack of lubrication in the hinge or by the accumulation of dirt and dust.

There are other causes, including a bent hinge, a loose screw, or a poor fit between the door and the frame. If the sound occurs every time you open the door, it may also be due to uneven weight distribution of the door, which affects the hinges. The load on them falls unevenly, and one starts to rattle.

How to solve the problem

First of all, check the hinges for dirt and clean them if necessary. Also, be sure to lubricate the mechanism - hardware stores have many options for lubricants for this purpose. Sometimes, however, you need to remove the rattle quickly, and you can use the tools you have at home.

Shaving foam

Apply a small amount of shaving foam to the hinges and work it into all the crevices. Make sure the product is evenly distributed inside the hinge. Repeat the procedure if necessary, and then remove any excess foam with a tissue or paper towel. Check if the foam has worked by opening and closing the door several times. Over time, they should start to walk quietly.

Vegetable oil

Sunflower or olive oil can be found in any kitchen. Before lubricating the hinge with it, place a paper towel underneath it to prevent stains on the door. Put a few drops into the mechanism and move the door back and forth to distribute the oil evenly.


The hinges can be wiped with heated candle wax, but you will have to remove the pin between the flat hinge plates. To do this manually, you must arm yourself with long pliers. Grab the desired part of the hinge and turn it counterclockwise. After removing it, lubricate it with melted candle wax and reinsert it securely into the hinge.

Petroleum jelly

Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly to the outside of the hinge and wait for it to dissolve into the components. If you want to make the job even more neat, remove the pin and lubricate it with petroleum jelly before inserting it back into the hinge. After that, the door shouldn't make any noise for a very long time.

How do I open a door that squeaks silently?

Sometimes there is an urgent need to open a door that is squeaking when someone is resting at home. For example, this may happen at night when everyone is asleep. In this case, open the door quickly. This usually results in a quieter sound. There are two reasons for this. First, when you move the door quickly, more force is transferred to the hinges, which creates less noise because they don't rub against the "squeaky" parts. Secondly, if you act quickly, the door will open in a split second, not a second or two. This way, the noise will be less annoying to those who live with you. But try not to hit the door against the wall during this maneuver. This will negate all efforts.

Try lifting the door by the handle. Most squeaks occur because parts of the hinges are not installed properly. As a result, they become unbalanced over time and start to creak. By lifting the door leaf a little, you will change the position of the hinge, and this can remove the sound.

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