What to do to make peonies last longer in a vase: useful life hacks

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Ordinary aspirin will help extend the freshness of peonies

Peonies are luxurious flowers that look equally good in a flower bed or garden as they do in a bouquet. But while they bloom for a couple of weeks on the bush, they rarely feel good in water for more than a couple of days. However, there are several life hacks to extend the life of a peony bouquet.

OBOZREVATEL asked florists about their tricks. A few simple steps and inexpensive home remedies from your first aid kit will help.

If the peonies have wilted a little during transportation, a cold bath will help revive them. After they have been in the water, the stems will need to be cut at an acute angle to maximize the area for water absorption.

It is best to prune peonies under a stream of cold water, or submerged in water. Ideally, the cut should be 3-5 centimeters long. You should also remove any leaves that get inside the vase, as they can accelerate the decay of the flower.

And to prolong the freshness of the petals themselves, it's a good idea to add ordinary aspirin to the water. For 1 liter of water, 1 tablet will be enough. Boric acid in the proportion of 0.5 teaspoons per liter will also work well. These substances will inhibit the development of bacteria in the water and create an acidic environment that will keep the flowers fresh.

And finally, a tip for placing a vase of flowers. The bouquet should not be exposed to direct sunlight. They will burn the peony petals and speed up their drying. The ideal place is a semi-shaded, cool corner without drafts.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told you how to fertilize peonies in the ground to make them bloom more luxuriantly and longer.

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