What to do if you've been bitten by a tick: life-saving tips

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There are various options for tools to help remove the tick

The warm season is a time when you can return from an outdoor walk with an unwanted companion. Yes, we're talking about ticks. These blood-feeding arthropods can transmit a dangerous disease - tick-borne borreliosis or Lyme disease. That is why you need to get rid of the tick as soon as possible.

There are many popular tips on how to do this, but most of them are myths and false recommendations. OBOZREVATEL tells you about the correct algorithm of actions on how to get rid of a tick at home.

The main rule is not to delay, because the longer the tick stays in your body, the more pathogens it can transmit. Therefore, do not postpone the procedure for a moment.

Treat the area where the arthropod has sucked on with alcohol. If you use a tool such as tweezers, disinfect it as well.

Grab the tick closer to the head. You need to pull out the entire bloodsucker, trying not to tear it apart.

A good way to properly capture a tick is to wrap it in a loop of ordinary thread. You can also buy a special loop or tweezers, for example, at a pharmacy or pet store. It should fit as tightly as possible to the tick's body. It should be lifted by twisting the ends of the thread and pulling them up - this way it will come out with the head.

When the bloodsucker is completely removed, the bite site should be treated again with alcohol. And the tick should be crushed immediately, because if it turns out to be a female, it can give birth to offspring and you will have a problem at home.

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