What to do if your nylon tights have torn: life-saving hacks

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Life hacks for nylon tights

Nylon tights are an elegant and versatile wardrobe item. In warm weather, they beautifully accentuate femininity, and in winter, they can be worn under jeans. However, they do have one drawback - the delicate material tears easily.

In case of a force majeure situation where you need to conceal the damage, quick action is required. OBOZ.UA provides instructions on how to stop runs in nylon tights.

Method 1

The best solution is to discreetly sew up the tights. For this, use synthetic or cotton threads, and opt for the thinnest possible needle. The sewing process is straightforward - simply stitch the torn area together, working from top to bottom and ensuring that no portion is missed. If the damage is on the foot area, you can add multiple stitches for maximum material security.

Method 2

Hairspray can also be useful in such situations. Spray the product from a distance of 30 cm or more directly onto the damage or the run. The "run" in the tights will immediately cease as the hairspray contains substances that bond the fabric. Some women even use this life hack as a preventive measure by lightly spraying new tights with hairspray to delay runs.

Method 3

If your tights tear at work or before an important meeting, you can resort to stationery supplies. You'll need PVA glue or a glue stick. Apply the glue not only to the damaged area but also to the edges around it, and you don't have to take your tights off. 

Method 4

Regular clear nail polish can also stop runs in your tights. Apply it to the damaged areas, paying close attention to the edges of the run. This life hack will halt the unraveling process.

Method 5

Soap can also come to the rescue. Rub soap onto your finger and apply it to the run or the affected area with soap, making sure to treat the surrounding fabric as well. You can use both solid and liquid soap.

Previously, OBOZ.UA guided how to wash nylon tights correctly to maintain their quality.

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