What to buy for a husband or a boyfriend for the New Year: the best ideas

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What to give your man for the New Year

As the New Year approaches, women are thinking more and more about how to surprise their loved ones with a gift. The main thing is to correctly determine the needs of a man or a boyfriend so that the purchased item is really useful in everyday life.

OBOZ.UA has compiled a list of the best ideas that your loved one will definitely like. If you haven't decided on a gift yet, choose from the list below.

Set for beard care

If your partner has a beard, this gift will definitely come in handy. You can buy a ready-made set in a store or assemble the components yourself. Be sure to buy beard oil, a styling gel, a trimmer, a comb, and scissors.


You'll need a model with different attachments to keep his bristles looking neat.

Electric toothbrush

A toothbrush with different brushing and whitening modes is a versatile gift that will help him maintain good oral hygiene. You can choose from different models, shapes, and colors.


This is probably the most popular gift that women choose for their men. The main thing is to choose the right perfume so that your partner likes the scent.

Game console

A game console will definitely impress your boyfriend. You can also buy games yourself, which will be a nice addition and surprise for your loved one.


With the help of a watch, your partner will be able to monitor their health, receive incoming calls and messages, and use many more useful functions. Some gadgets can even measure blood pressure and oxygen levels.

Board game

This is a versatile gift that will be useful for spending cozy and enjoyable evenings with friends or for two. Choose a game according to your partner's preferences.

Bartender's set

If your man loves different cocktails, he will definitely like this set. You can throw parties at home and enjoy delicious drinks.

Video recorder

This is a useful gadget that will help you monitor the situation on the road. You can choose a set with a rear-view camera, which will be a nice bonus and make parking easier.

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