What things should be washed separately: most housewives don't know it

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Which items should be washed separately

A washing machine greatly facilitates the process of cleaning things, and housewives can no longer imagine their lives without this household appliance. Therefore, they often throw clothes of different materials into the drum without hesitation, believing that this will not affect their condition.

However, OBOZ.UA found out which items should be washed separately. Simple tips will help to avoid wear and fading of the material.


All items made of denim should be washed separately. Zippers and small details can rub against other fabrics, which will negatively affect their appearance. The other material can also absorb the rich color of the jeans.

Stubborn dirt

If there is a lot of old dirt or stubborn stains on your clothes, it is better to wash them separately. Such items need a suitable cycle and special treatment before washing, and aggressive chemicals or high water temperatures can harm other fabrics.

New clothes

Before washing, be sure to read the instructions on the label and follow the tips to avoid damaging the fabric. New clothes can stain other items, so it's best to wash them by hand or separately.

Dark-colored clothes

Always separate dark clothes from light clothes as you can ruin your clothes and turn them a different color in just one wash.


Do not wash clothes made of such fabric with other things because lint can remain on the pants or blouse. This is especially noticeable in materials such as microfiber and corduroy.

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