What things in the house give away stingy hosts: any guest will notice

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Old dishes and bedding

You don't have to clutter your home with a lot of pseudo-fancy items to create the appearance of a rich interior. Minimalism looks no less elegant than sophisticated classic styles.

However, some things in the house give away the stingy owners. It's not about practicality or rationality in use but rather about excessive savings, which is already a warning sign. Read the OBOZREVATEL article to find out which details in the interior are best to get rid of.

A lot of plastic

Interior designers recommend being attentive to the smallest details so as not to ruin the impression of the home with small flaws. This is especially true for plastic. At the very least, it is not environmentally friendly. This material has always been considered primitive and budgetary. Thus, it is better to replace plastic items with natural ones whenever possible.

Details in the kitchen

No matter how luxurious and expensive the kitchen is, details can ruin everything. Dirty towels, old clothes instead of microfiber cloths, and greasy potholders look cvery untidy. These items should be washed regularly. In addition, they need to be changed from time to time because wet towels and rags can cause mold.

Bedding and mattress

Saving on a mattress means saving on your own health. You should choose a high-quality mattress whenever possible. In addition, do not combine bedding from different sets. It is better to buy several complete sets.

Cheap textiles

Experts also advise not to save on curtains. Therefore, they recommend choosing curtains made of quality material.

Old dishes

If you still keep all your best things "for a rainy day," we advise you to get rid of this habit. The war has shown us how unstable and fleeting life is, so does it make sense to save the best for later? Get rid of old dishes and use high-quality plates, cups and cutlery. Dishes with cracks and chips should be thrown away.

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