What things in a house hint at an insecure hostess and what guests pay attention to

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You don't have to clean your home every day to keep it clean as there's a difference between cleanliness and tidiness. Of course, it's important to keep things tidy, but often even minor nuances indicate that the home lacks a little bit of comfort.

The atmosphere is created by the details: a pleasant scent, accents in the interior, and most importantly, a happy and smiling hostess. You can spend all your free time washing the floor, dusting, and putting children's toys in chests, but guests will not feel warm and cozy in the house. OBOZ.UA tells you what you should pay attention to when arranging your home.

Towels in the bathroom

Guests will immediately want to wash their hands after the street and it will not be very pleasant to touch other people's dirty towels. Towels should be changed at least once a week. It is better to have a set of new and clean towels at home in case guests arrive.

Dirty dishes

It is unlikely that anyone will be pleased to see mountains of dirty dishes in the kitchen. Therefore, you should immediately wash dirty plates after cooking. It's not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical as dirt and dried food residue are harder to clean.

Bed linen

Bed linens should be clean, without stains, holes, or defects. Of course, guests are unlikely to check your bedroom, but sleeping on dirty linens is at least unpleasant. Moreover, you shouldn't give damaged linens to guests who decide to stay overnight.

Old clothes

Don't turn your home into a museum of nostalgia. You should get rid of old things. There is a belief that junk "keeps" new, really necessary things from coming into your life, as well as well-being and prosperity. Of course, you can keep special things that evoke positive emotions and pleasant memories, but you shouldn't clutter up your entire closet with them.

Cozy decor

The decor should be stylish, modern, and appropriate. Experts advise limiting the number of old "children's" things that no longer serve you: for example, old soft toys, bicycles or roller skates can be given to someone.

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