What things create the impression of disorder in the bathroom: immediately hide or discard them

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Disorder in the bathroom

Even a high-quality and expensive renovation will not create a feeling of comfort if the bathroom is too cluttered. It is important to keep it clean regularly: wash the joints between the tiles, clean the plumbing from limescale, wash the rug, and remove mold.

OBOZREVATEL has selected the top 10 things that create a feeling of clutter in the bathroom. Simple tips will help you clear the space and ergonomically equip the room.

Corner shelf

You can store cosmetics and household chemicals on the corner shelf. These interior items are inexpensive, but they have great practical benefits. The only advice is to try not to save on the material whenever possible. A cheap coating wears off quickly, and the metal begins to rust after active contact with water. Experts advise choosing a shelf made of stainless steel or brass.

Cosmetics and clothes on the washing machine

Buy a corner pencil case or chest of drawers under the sink to hide all the cosmetics, household chemicals, cotton pads, etc. Piling things up on the washing machine looks very untidy.

Soap dish

Water constantly gets into the soap dish, soap gets wet, an unpleasant coating or even mold forms from excessive moisture. Instead, place a beautiful bottle of liquid soap on the sink.

Closed shelves

It is better to choose pencil cases, chests of drawers, and other furniture with closed shelves. Things on open shelves will collect dust, and secondly, they will not look very neat.


There is always a high level of humidity in the bathroom. This room is most susceptible to mold. It is better not to hang bathrobes and other home clothes on hooks or on the door and not to leave them in the bathroom after taking a shower. Give these items a separate shelf in the closet.

Toilet paper

If you have an adjoining bathroom and you are used to just throwing a set of toilet paper in cellophane packaging on the floor when you bring it home from the store, we recommend that you break this habit. It is better to remove the paper from the package and store it in special containers or closed baskets.

Rags on batteries

After wiping off the dust, you hang the rag to dry on the radiator, and it hangs there until the next time you use it. This is a standard situation, right? It spoils the look of the room and looks untidy. Cleaning experts advise storing rags in a separate container after drying.

A heater on the wall 

A boiler is a necessary household item. Interior designers advise not to hang it right in the middle of the wall but to disguise it somehow, for example, with panels.

Sponges on the tap 

It is better not to hang body wash on the tap to dry. Buy a special container with ventilation on top.

Toothbrushes on the sink in a cup

It is recommended to store toothbrushes in dry and clean containers. A cup or glass on the sink with a pile of toothbrushes - old and new - looks extremely unhygienic. Mold and fungus often form on the bottom of such cups.

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