What smell do cats dislike? What a pet owner should know

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Through the sense of smell, nature warns cats of danger

The arrival of a cat in the house implies some changes in the habits and behavior of all household members. For example, you will definitely have to give up some smells because cats perceive aromas differently than we do, and some fragrances can cause them not just disgust, but real stress and even poisoning.

OBOZREVATEL talks about the smell that irritates cats the most. It is even used to train the animal.

It is the smell of citrus fruits. Regardless of whether it's a lemon, orange, tangerine, grapefruit, or another member of this family. The reason for this dislike is that the citric acid contained in these fruits is toxic to cats, so evolution has taught them to avoid contact with the dangerous substance as much as possible. In particular, because of the smell. However, this scent can be used to wean a cat off using certain nooks and crannies as a toilet or scratching furniture. It is enough to put a slice of citrus or a couple of drops of juice in such a place, and the cat will avoid it like the plague.

It is also important to know what other scents can cause disgust in cats. All objects that emit these odors are toxic to felines.

Essential oils

Volatile organic compounds contained in essential oils can cause severe poisoning in cats. Therefore, light an aroma lamp or turn on a diffuser only when the cat is not in the room where the device is operating.

Hot peppers

The substance capsaicin, which gives peppers their hot flavor, is also toxic to cats. Therefore, a pinch of ground chili can also be a good deterrent for the animal. But do not use large amounts of it.


Vinegar is often used for cleaning the house. But it should be borne in mind that it can be toxic to cats. If you have such an animal, you will have to wash off the residue very carefully.

Ground coffee


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