What signs are in for major changes in love and finances: horoscope until the end of the week

A busy astrological week will bring a chance for change to many signs

The pre-Christmas week is held under the sign of Mercury retrograde. Which, moreover, is now forming a trine with retrograde Jupiter. This is a good time to turn your attention to big ideas. You may realize you've missed something and go back to catch up. Prepare for unexpected changes in your personal life and surprises in your financial situation as luxurious Venus opposes unstable Uranus on December 21.

Astrologers told us what planetary transits will bring to all zodiac signs by the end of this stormy week. Find out the horoscope for your sign below.


The things you like to do are not really beneficial, but now you may decide that it is better to change your attitude and do something that should change your life for the better, although it may not be very pleasant. Now you are ready to develop plans and strategies to achieve your goals. Look for proven methods of saving money or write down all your expenses. This is a good time for business and commercial activities.


Unexpected healing can happen in your relationships if you make the right changes. This could mean new approaches to communication or adjusting your schedule in favor of time with your partner. Even a small action can help you reconnect. You may have a thirst for new knowledge. You may want to dive into a new topic or sign up for a course. If you're a teacher, your explanatory skills will come into their own.


It's time to get back to taking care of yourself. You've been neglecting yourself lately, but that's about to change. You could really benefit from taking up yoga or dancing. Or just listen to yourself in silence or meditation. Your intuition is on the rise. Pay attention to your dreams. You may see your special path to the future.


Your favorite activities may cause you physical harm. So now look for a healthy activity for yourself. By strengthening your body, you will not only feel better, but also have more harmony. Ask your friends for help. Talk to them - these conversations will be therapeutic, if not useful.


Now is a good time to make changes at home and take care of your health and well-being. It can be a new sport, dietary changes, or even buying a better mattress. This week you may receive well-deserved recognition for a job well done. Expect a thank you note from a client or a promotion. If you have a business, this could be a very good week.


Expect an apology you never expected. This will be the beginning of the path to great healing. This week is also a good time to plan your travels and vacations. Everything should go smoothly and bring joy. You will have a lot to do, but you know exactly how to handle everything and get it done on time. Your organizational talent will help you.


You can solve some financial problems. You can even break a bad financial habit you developed in childhood. This can make it easier to get money in the future. You have more power now than you think. Business contacts and signing contracts are right on time. Your loved ones need your help, including at work. Stay close to them and it will bring success to you as well.


It's time to relax - make an appointment for a massage, go to the sauna, or just get some sleep. Just take care of yourself. Your relationships are in harmony right now. You are in complete synchronization with your partner. If you are just looking for love, then these days you may meet someone who will become your soul mate and bring harmony to your life.


After a few hectic weeks, it will be good for you to slow down and look inside yourself. Turn off your phone and meditate. Now is the time to heal your body and mind. Once you are well restored, take on your tasks and they will start to be solved very actively. You will feel a surge of energy and it will be easy to cross items off your to-do list.


A friend from your past may come to you with an apology. You may have recently had a fight or maybe you didn't even realize that things weren't going so well between you. Accept this apology and renew your friendship. Take your loved ones on a tour of places that are important to you. Communication will bring you the desired intimacy. If you are looking for love, this is a great time for a first date.


Perhaps your current goal is your life's work. Concentrate on it. Organize a charity event or work for the good of the community. This will increase your social standing, which will help you in the future. You can make the lives of many people better now. Don't be afraid to take on a big job - you can do it.


You may get in touch with someone you haven't seen for a long time. This reconnection will bring a sense of healing. This person will re-enter your life to make it better. In general, you are now the main planner. Help others organize the flow of daily activities, like traveling or shopping. This will help you organize your own life as well.

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