What signs about money used to exist: "feng shui" from the past, which is still believed in today

Few objects are shrouded in as many superstitions as money

Few objects evoke as many complex feelings and prejudices as money. People break the law for it, they fear it, they covet it, they envy it. Consequently, money has become the subject of a huge number of superstitions.

OBOZREVATEL has been looking into the intricacies of folk beliefs around money. Here are the main and most common ones.

Where money belongs and does not belong

People believe that in order to attract more money to your home, you need to keep your bills and coins in the right places. This is how change was poured into the foundation of a house when it was first laid, and also placed in the corners. Coins are believed to bring wealth if you put them under the threshold or under a mat by the front door. In this case, every time you go inside, you should say: "I am coming home and money is coming home."

If money of unknown origin appeared on the doorstep, it was considered taboo to pick it up. It was not even recommended to touch it with your hands. It could be a sign that someone was trying to jinx the owners.

There is another superstition about the threshold: no objects, especially money, could be passed over it. Anyone who brought a debt or anything else had to take at least one step over the threshold so as not to harm the relationship and bring trouble.

Another place to put money was the kitchen table. It is recommended to put as large a bill as possible under the tablecloth. This is the place in the house that is considered a symbol of prosperity, and all family members gather here, so the appropriate energy will spread to everyone.

Signs that portend poverty

Superstitious people do not like to see empty dishes on the table, especially bottles. It is believed that it brings bad luck. Therefore, everything that is empty should be taken immediately to the place where it will be washed or put on the floor.

For the same reason, you can't put a hat on the table. It is believed that you will go around the world with the hat and ask for as much money as you can.

When paying off a debt in cash, it is recommended to put the bills on the table first. The reason is that passing them from hand to hand is supposedly a way of giving away your wealth and good luck. Or you can pass on your bad luck if the bills are passed on by a chronic debtor.

Whistling in the house was also a complete taboo. Signs say that you can whistle away all your money. They said that evil spirits would come to the whistle and bring misery with them. It was especially dangerous to whistle in the rooms where supplies were stored.

Signs of wealth

According to the sign, you should bring home all your earnings in full - not spend them right away. It is believed that a salary or other income should "spend the night" in the house in full. Then the house will be a full bowl.

Also, people often carried a so-called fungible bill in their wallets. It had to be of the largest possible denomination and was never spent. It is believed that it can be a magnet for even more money. You can't lend such a bill either.

Why you shouldn't pick up money

It is believed that coins or bills lying on the ground can be cursed or have a bad luck charm. Such money can bring illness, poverty, and even death.

The most dangerous places for such finds were called intersections. After all, it is at road intersections that most evil spirits and witches are found.

There was also a taboo to pick up money from the ground in a cemetery. It was not allowed to pick up even what a person had dropped. It is believed that this is a sign that the souls of the deceased have set their eyes on this money and it should be given back. The only way to safely pick up your dropped wallet is to "pay off" by leaving some change. At the same time, you need to say: "Take not someone else's, but your own," so that what you give will remain within your family.

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