What should not be washed with hot water: tips that will save your home

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Hot water can be harmful to wooden surfaces and in some other cases

Hot water cleans better. For the most part, this is true. But there is a whole list of items and types of dirt that are best cleaned with cold water.

Lifehacker has figured out when it's best to avoid cleaning with hot water and why it can be harmful and even dangerous.

What is the difference between cleaning with cold and hot water

Hot water is more effective in destroying most types of dirt, for example, grease. Also, steam from a steam generator has a high enough temperature to kill germs.

However, it is not suitable for protein stains at all because the temperature causes the protein to coagulate, making the stain even more resistant. In addition, some stains can spread due to heat. Therefore, it is always recommended to pre-soak the stains with cold or slightly warm water.

What and when to wash with cold water

In addition to removing stains from textiles, only cold water should be used to dilute cleaning chemicals, such as bleach. Too high a temperature can destroy the active ingredient. In addition, the molecules will become vaporized and can cause damage to the respiratory tract.

Also, only use cold water to clean wooden floors and furniture. High-temperature moisture can damage and deform the material. Hot water can also dissolve the protective coating used for wood and penetrate deeper into its thickness. The surface will take longer to dry and will be more severely affected.

When hot washing is appropriate

High temperatures are better for removing dried dirt and any stains that gather into a crust. For example, this is the best way to treat dishes, glass, and plastic surfaces.

You can also use hot water to dilute household cleaners such as baking soda, citric acid, or vinegar. This will not affect their stability.

When the water temperature does not matter

In some situations, the water temperature doesn't matter. For example, you can quickly rinse off soap with any available water. And for normal laundry, when there is no need to remove stains or disinfect textiles that have been in contact with a sick person. In this case, you can choose any temperature that you deem necessary and suitable for specific items. However, cold water will save on electricity and be safer for the fabric.

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