What questions do they like to ask at an interview: you should answer honestly

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An honest and well-prepared response can determine success in an interview

During a job interview, job seekers are sometimes asked questions that do not seem to be directly related to the position and responsibilities offered. One of them is a question about the weaknesses of a job seeker.

Of course, this question also has its purpose. OBOZREVATEL explains what employers put into it and how to prepare for answering it.

An Objective Self-assessment

The fact that we try to present our best side in a resume and during an interview, and sometimes even embellish the truth, is not new and is quite normal. However, employers need to understand how objectively you evaluate yourself. If a person can discuss their weaknesses, it indicates self-awareness and an understanding of areas where improvement is needed.

Therefore, answer this question honestly, without making up or exaggerating your weaknesses. Additionally, if possible, explain how you plan to address your shortcomings or what steps you are already taking to improve.

Problem-Solving Skills

In any job, employees are expected to solve problems and navigate unforeseen circumstances. Employers want to know if you can recognize such situations and find solutions.

If you have experience successfully overcoming your weaknesses, share your story and explain your thought process and actions that led to achieving your goal.

Compatibility with the Position

Some weaknesses and shortcomings may be entirely incompatible with the offered position. For example, a tendency to be late for work in a role with a strict schedule or poor writing skills in a profession that requires extensive written communication. It's better to refrain from taking a position that doesn't suit your strengths rather than struggling during the probationary period.

Avoid hiding anything from the employer to prevent disappointment or a negative reference in the future. Be open about whether you are ready to address the issue, whether you see potential solutions, and what efforts you've made to overcome these challenges independently.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL provided advice on how to answer the closing question, often asked at the end of an interview.

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