What not to say before bedtime: a list of words that invite misfortune

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Incorrect words can disturb sleep and even ruin one's fate

Sleep is a unique state that even scientists have not fully unraveled, which is why it is surrounded by numerous superstitions among people. Proper preparation for sleep, a suitable bedtime routine, and waking up appropriately are essential. Among these rules are restrictions on the use of certain words before bedtime.

OBOZREVATEL has compiled a list of such words. It is believed that they can influence a person's mood before bedtime and, consequently, impact what they may experience in a dream and how it may affect their fate.

Broom, Vacuum Cleaner: Despite these words not inherently having negative meanings, it is advised not to use them at night, as they may bring problems at work.

Brownie, Drum, Kikimora, and Other Evil Spirits: Invoking evil spirits at night is discouraged, as it may negatively affect or even ruin family life.

The Devil, Satan: Remembering the evil one before bedtime has long been considered one of the main taboos. It is believed that doing so may invite negativity into your home and grant permission for undesirable outcomes while you are defenseless. This is unlikely to bring anything good.

Keys: This word is believed to close the money channel, risking a prolonged period of financial difficulty.

Disease: Mentioning any health problems before bedtime is thought to bring trouble to the relatives of the person uttering these words.

Blood: Speaking this word at night is believed to bring on malaise or a severe headache starting the next morning.

Death: Uttering this word before bedtime is believed to lead to prophetic nightmares, risking harm to one's future and driving away luck.

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