What not to give away for free to avoid bringing misfortune: five prohibited things

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It has long been said that clothing, jewelry, and watches should not be given away for free

Superstitious individuals believe that certain second-hand items should not be given to other people, even if the jewelry and clothes are in excellent condition. It has long been said that in this way you can bring misfortune both to yourself and to the person to whom you give something.

It is also believed that to get rid of the negative influence, you can wash or wash the gifted item in saline. OBOZREVATEL figured out what not to give away for free.

Clothes and Shoes

It is said that clothing and shoes carry the energy of the person who wore them. By giving away your clothes or shoes, you might be transferring your happiness and well-being.

Superstitious individuals avoid accepting clothes and shoes as gifts, fearing the potential transmission of illness, misfortune, or unhappiness at an energy level.

Jewelry and Costume Jewelry

Giving away personal jewelry or costume jewelry is considered risky because these items are believed to be imbued with the energy of the owner.

People traditionally cautioned that gifting jewelry equates to giving away a portion of one's well-being. Gifts of gold and silver were handled with great care to ensure no one had worn the jewelry before.

Watches and Towels

Watches are discouraged as gifts due to ancient beliefs associating them with potential bad luck and health issues. Towels and watches have long been considered symbols of quarrels and separations.


Superstitious followers advise against giving socks to a loved one, considering it a sign of separation.


Although not a very relevant gift nowadays, our ancestors viewed a broom as a symbol of family well-being and prosperity. They believed a broom accumulated the energy of the house and could "sweep" happiness out.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL explained why giving a candle as a gift is discouraged.

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