What not to clean laminate with: the floor can be completely ruined

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Laminate cannot tolerate bleach, moisture, and high temperatures

Laminate flooring has proven to be a reliable, easy-to-clean, and durable flooring material. But it also has a weakness - not all products are suitable for cleaning it.

As OBOZREVATEL has found out, some popular floor care methods can destroy laminate. And it will have to be replaced with a new one very quickly.

What is laminate flooring and what makes it sensitive to some products

Laminate flooring is a high-density wood-fiber board that is pressed under high pressure and temperature and then covered with a decorative layer. A protective layer of melamine resins and other substances is applied to the top of the laminate. They ensure the material's resistance to wear and tear.

Accordingly, the laminate is sensitive to agents that can destroy its protective coating. It also does not tolerate high humidity and high temperatures. Here are some of the products that can cause the most damage.


Bleaches that contain the popular disinfectant ingredient sodium hypochlorite are not suitable for laminate flooring care. This substance destroys the protective layer of the coating, provokes the appearance of stains on it, and significantly accelerates wear. Therefore, such cleaning should be avoided during disinfection.

Oil, glycerin, wax, or polish

Products based on fats and alcohols, even natural ones, destroy the laminate flooring as much as chlorine. In addition, such products will leave a cloudy film on the floor surface that will be very difficult to remove.

Steam mops

Steam cleaning is considered one of the most environmentally friendly and effective cleaning methods. And it is. But it is absolutely not suitable for caring for laminate flooring. After all, as we have already mentioned, laminate does not tolerate high temperatures and humidity. Under the influence of steam, it will begin to swell and deteriorate from the inside very quickly.

Abrasive cleaners

Any powdered or granular products easily scratch the protective coating of the laminate floor. This makes it more vulnerable to aggressive substances and wear and tear. For the same reason, hard brushes or scrapers should not be used on it.

How to properly clean laminate flooring

You should take care of this surface with a damp, not wet, cloth or mop. If you use floor cleaning liquids, pay attention to the label. The product should be suitable for laminate flooring. You can also use baby shampoo to clean this type of floor. It is diluted in a concentration of 1 tablespoon per 5 liters of water, and then the floor is additionally washed with clean water to wash off the shampoo residue.

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