What needs to be done before planting cabbage: the harvest will be several times larger

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Water and aloe vera juice can work wonders with cabbage seeds

Experienced gardeners emphasize that the proper soaking of seeds can significantly enhance the future harvest, especially in the case of cabbage.

OBOZREVATEL inquired about the specific process of soaking cabbage seeds to achieve a larger and better harvest. This involves using two liquids.

The first liquid is hot water, heated to approximately 50 degrees Celsius, and poured into a container that retains heat well. Before soaking, cabbage seeds should be placed in a linen bag, such as wrapped in cheesecloth, and then submerged in water for 20 minutes. Following this, the planting material should be promptly rinsed with cold water.

The second liquid is aloe vera juice. To ensure a positive effect on cabbage seeds, it is mixed with water in a 1:1 ratio, typically using two tablespoons of each. The seeds are immersed in this mixture for 18 hours. Afterward, they are washed, dried, and ready to be planted in the soil.

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