What flowers to choose for the balcony: will be the envy of all the neighbors

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What flowers to choose for the balcony

Spring is the perfect time to spruce up your balcony. If you like to spend your mornings on the balcony with a cup of coffee, decorating the space with houseplants is an ideal idea. You should also sow herbs, which will come in handy for culinary experiments.

House plants purify the air, improve mood and simply add aesthetics to the interior. The publication Interia Porady told what flowers are better to choose for the balcony.


It is one of the most popular balcony plants. For lush flowering, you should regularly remove dry inflorescences. Petunia likes abundant watering. And it is better to apply fertilizer for petunias in spring.


Pelargoniums are an ideal plant for beginners. They are attractive, unpretentious and resistant to drafts and bad weather. Pelargoniums form round bunches that are attached to elongated stems.


Beautiful flowers for balconies, especially in summer. Begonias like a lot of sunshine. A great advantage of these plants is that they do not require much fertilizer and care. Begonias will enjoy blooming until late fall.

Climbing plants

Ivy or vines will also decorate your balcony in an original way. However, such plants need regular pruning as well as supports on which they can climb.


What could be better than fresh herbs in a salad? Only herbs grown with your own hands. The following herbs can be planted on the balcony:

  • basil
  • rosemary
  • mint
  • melissa
  • oregano.

Basic rules of care


When choosing a plant, you need to ask about the rules of its watering. Water balcony flowers, especially in hot weather, regularly. But excessive watering can lead to rotting of the root system.


Use organic or mineral fertilizers according to species preference. This is important especially during the growth period of the plant.


Each type of plant requires a different level of sunlight. So study in advance the peculiarities of the chosen variety.


The procedure allows you to maintain the correct shape of the plant. In addition, damaged leaves and branches must be removed for healthy flower development. This stimulates the development of new shoots.

Prevention of pests and fungal diseases

Balcony plants are also vulnerable to pests or fungal diseases. Constantly monitor the condition of the flowers and, if you notice disturbing symptoms, act immediately. Special products to combat the problem can be found in garden stores. Often gardeners also use natural solutions.

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