What flowers can be sown in November: they are not afraid of frost

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November is a good month to plant phlox

Late fall gardening enthusiasts may feel a little sad without their hobby. All the plants are dormant, almost nothing is blooming, and there is no longer much need to spend time in the garden. Fortunately, some work can still be done in November. For example, sowing phlox.

OBOZ.UA tells you how to plant these bright flowers correctly and how to take care of them so that they are well-prepared for winter, grow healthy, and bloom magnificently next season.

Choose the right variety

Breeders have made many types of phlox with different colors, flower sizes, and stem heights. Experts say that when choosing a plant for planting in the fall, you should focus on its overall adaptability to the climate in which you live. A heat-loving flower may not survive but a frost-resistant one will take root perfectly.

Prepare the site

Phloxes love nutritious soil and plenty of sunlight. So choose the right spot for planting them in the fall. Then add organic fertilizer - compost or humus - to the soil. This will make the soil nutritious and provide the flowers with adequate drainage.

Plant the plants

The best months for planting phlox are the relatively cold months of November and March. So, now is the time to decorate your garden with these flowers. Find out how big the plant should grow from the selected variety and place the seeds 30-60 cm apart accordingly. Make sure they are healthy. To do this, the seeds should be deep green and not too small. If you propagate the plant by dividing the bush, make sure that the roots of the seedling are well-covered with a layer of soil.

Caring for phlox

These flowers need a moderate level of moisture and do not tolerate drought. Therefore, make sure that the soil around them is constantly moist. Fertilizers should not be applied after planting. It is better to do this in the spring when the plant begins to wake up. But mulching will be very useful for phlox. Mulch will retain water in the ground and inhibit weed growth in the spring. It will also protect the roots of the plant from the cold in the winter season.

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