What fate awaits those who were born on New Year's Day: top 4 grandmother's fables

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January 1 is considered to be a bad day, but not everyone agrees

Celebrating a birthday on January 1 is a bit of a shame. Friends may skimp on gifts and give you one thing for two holidays, a party is not thrown in your honor, and your personal celebration goes unnoticed.

But Romper magazine assures you that you shouldn't be upset. There are at least 4 signs that assure us that those born on January 1 will receive additional gifts from fate. And here's what those gifts are.

They are lucky all their lives

For some reason, this sign is common all over the world. Perhaps because it has a basis in fact? One way or another, babies born on the first day of the year are believed to be lucky all their lives and in everything - in love, in finance, in business. It is also believed that the closer the moment of birth was to New Year's Eve, the more luck a person will have. An additional bonus is that not only the person born on January 1 is lucky, but also his or her entire family is lucky during the first year of the baby's life.

Evil spirits can not see them

Whether evil spirits exist or not is a controversial issue. However,  those people  who were born on New Year's Day and their parents should not be concerned about it at all. It is believed that New Year's children are "invisible" to ghosts and evil otherworldly beings. So if you were born on January 1 and you hear something creaking or knocking in your house at night, sleep well - it's definitely not a poltergeist.

They love parenthood

For many ancient ethnic groups, the year did not begin on January 1, as it does now, but in March, on the day of the vernal equinox, when nature wakes up and begins a new life cycle. Iranian and Turkic peoples still celebrate it on this date, and the holiday is called Nowruz, which means "new day." This holiday was directly associated with the fertile power of nature, and the same trait was attributed to those born on New Year's Day, as if they easily became parents, tended to have many children, and enjoyed parenthood. And even though the date was later shifted in the calendar, this belief has remained. It's impossible to confirm it, but isn't it an additional reason to be happy if you were born on January 1?

They have "green fingers"

This sign is related to the previous one. Only this time it's not about children, but about plants and crops. People with "green fingers" are called those who have an easy hand at gardening and horticulture. They also say that if you stick a stick in the ground, a tree will grow. And it is believed that those born on January 1 are endowed with this gift like no other.

Whether you believe in these signs or not is up to you. But if you have a birthday on January 1 and it upsets you, you can always try to change your attitude and believe that it is the one that the whole world celebrates.

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