What eclipses, retrogrades, and transits await us in 2024: a forecast

Astroforecast for 2024

Astrologers are making astonishing predictions: a new era will dawn in 2024. This year will serve as a portal to an entirely new era as the three outer planets work in unison to assist us in creating a renewed reality.

Due to forecasts, in the latter part of the year, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are expected to align in astrological aspects and transits, elevating mass consciousness and solidifying the Aquarian Age. Technology and spirituality will play crucial roles in facilitating this transition to a new paradigm. Astrologers remind us that old structures will continue their process of disintegration, as they have been doing since 2021.

Key Aspects of 2024

The transit of Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus will breathe new life into the financial and real estate markets in early spring. Astrologer Jessica Adams suggests that this combination could lead some countries to implement a universal basic income, resulting in substantial profits.

In your personal life, dramatic transformations are possible: The lunar Nodes of Destiny in Aries and Libra will assist in breaking up toxic and codependent relationships.


March 25 - Lunar eclipse in Libra

Venus in Pisces in conjunction with Saturn may create a somewhat unstable atmosphere. You might feel as though you've exhausted all your strength and are not prepared to continue the relationship.

April 8 - New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries

This period signifies transformation, change, and self-relationship healing. You may have to relinquish your dreams to make others happy.

September 17 - Lunar eclipse in Pisces

The disintegration of structures, initiated in the spring of 2023 when Saturn first entered Pisces, will culminate.

October 2 - Solar eclipse of the New Moon in Libra

This is the last eclipse on the Aries/Virgo axis, signifying the near completion of our work in cleansing and clarifying relationships. With the involvement of the asteroid Juno and the Black Moon Lilith, this eclipse will bring repressed emotions to the surface.



April 1 - April 25

August 4 - August 28

November 25 - December 15

In 2024, Mercury will go retrograde in fire signs, with a brief detour in Virgo. This period will be marked by creativity, drive, ambition, and the birth of ideas. With Mercury moving at a fast pace through Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, there will be extreme highs and lows. The lows may include feelings of complete exhaustion, but the highs will be exciting and inspiring. To make the most of this period, it's advisable to immerse yourself in creativity.


December 26 - February 23

During the heart of winter, this retrograde will help clear the confusing energy affecting family dynamics.


October 9 - February 4

Jupiter retrograde in 2024 will be quite "intellectual" and will test your values. You may need to reconsider significant life topics.


June 29 - November 15

Unlike other planets, Saturn doesn't lose its strength during retrograde motion. Karmic adjustments will take place during this period, especially affecting Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.


September 1 - January 30

This retrograde will allow us to catch our breath after life-changing events. Major collective changes will continue to occur, but on a more receptive level throughout the rest of the year.


July 2 - December 7

This period will bring sudden insights and self-awareness as Neptune loses its hypnotic power. We will understand why certain structures need to break down as we begin to create a whole new world based on true compassion.


May 2 - October 1

Pluto retrograde indicates a change in power dynamics as Pluto retrogrades from Aquarius to Capricorn for the last time. Astrologers predict significant changes in government, large companies, and financial elites.

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