What domestic animal suits you based on your zodiac sign: a zoohoroscope

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The stars can guide you to the best choice of a furry friend

Choosing a pet is often a matter of habit. We tend to gravitate toward the ones we've grown up with or those we enjoy caring for and having by our side. However, this is not the only approach.

For instance, you can consider the characteristics of your zodiac sign. Astrologers have identified personality traits for all 12 signs, and you can use them as a guide when selecting a future pet. Here are the animals that align with each zodiac sign.


Energetic and courageous Aries, who displays leadership and initiative, is best suited for large breed dogs such as Labradors, Mastiffs, Rottweilers, Great Danes, etc. Gaining the respect of such an animal becomes a mission for Aries.


Taurus, with a love for tactile experiences, is often occupied with various activities. Therefore, they might consider small, low-maintenance dogs like small poodles or Pomeranian spitzes. Cats or fish are also suitable options.


The inherent sociability of Gemini calls for a companionable pet. If not a responsive cat or an attentive dog, large parrots like the Ara or Jaco can be preferred. They can be taught to talk, providing a lively companion.


A natural family person, the caring Cancer can find happiness with almost any pet. Even giant Achatina snails can bring joy to Cancer with their impressive growth.


Leo's inclination towards extravagance might lead to an unexpected pet choice, such as a bald cat, a giant Maine Coon, or even something exotic like a python or spider.


Being the most meticulous and accurate sign, Virgo is best suited for a pet that doesn't create chaos. A pet cat, which they can love and spoil, would be an ideal match.


Libras thrive in the company of others and prefer attention-grabbing pets that serve as conversation starters. Decorative dog breeds, cats, or various birds would appeal to Libra.


Scorpio's penchant for the unconventional might lead to the desire for an exotic pet. Caring for reptiles, predatory fish, or large birds like owls or ravens could bring them genuine pleasure.


Valuing social connections and status, Sagittarians with high energy levels would appreciate a prestigious pet. This could be a purebred dog for exhibitions or even a racehorse.


Practical and ambitious Capricorns find joy in showcasing their skills in training animals. Intelligent dogs like Border Collies, German Shepherds, Labradors, or Papillons would suit them well.


Mysterious Aquarians desire equally mysterious pets that are silent, not prone to emotions, yet visually striking. Turtles, lizards, or various fish make good choices for this sign.


Relaxed and dreamy Pisces, who enjoy leisure and dislike unnecessary exertion, find an ideal companion in a cat that lounges with them on the couch, subtly suggesting, "Let's relax a bit more."

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