What does it mean if a bird pecked at the window: the essence of the omen

The pecking of a bird at the window signifies a message or a warning about something

Many people have witnessed a bird flying into a room or tapping on a window. Some may dismiss it as a coincidence, but superstitious individuals might perceive it as a message or a warning.

Our ancestors believed that birds served as messengers from the spiritual world, making it important to interpret their messages accurately. OBOZREVATEL will help you understand these interpretations.

To correctly interpret what you observe, you should consider the time of day, your mood, and, of course, the species of the bird. In this discussion, we will explore the meanings associated with pigeons, tits, and crows.


If a pigeon taps on the window in the morning, it symbolizes a new beginning, a bright future, hope, and inspiration, indicating upcoming opportunities and life changes.

A pigeon tapping on the window during the day suggests unexpected news, a visitor, or an offer. If it occurs in the evening, it serves as a warning of danger or a problem, requiring vigilance and protection.

When a pigeon taps on the window at night, it is considered the most ominous sign, foretelling death, tragedy, a threat, or misfortune.

If a pigeon swiftly flies into and out of a room, it signifies victory. However, if it flies in and struggles to find an exit, it warns of bad news.


When a tit knocks on the window, it brings good news to the residents. If it flies onto the balcony, it heralds a new addition to the family.

Some people believe that when a tit enters a room, it signifies good news and happiness. However, others interpret it as a sign of a loved one's passing. In ancestral beliefs, the tit was considered the soul of a deceased relative, and the window served as a portal to the afterlife.

There is also a belief that when a tit perches on your hand, it brings good luck. You should make a wish, and if the tit chirps, your wish is likely to come true.


The crow, a black bird that often evokes fear, is associated with different meanings. Some people believe that when a crow taps on the window, it predicts the death of a loved one. However, in some cases, it can also indicate an upcoming journey, such as a vacation or a holiday.

If two crows are involved in the knocking, it suggests an impending meeting with a loved one or the fulfillment of a wish.

When a bird collides with a window, it is a warning of danger to a family member or a threat of death.

It's important to note that the interpretation of these signs is subjective and can vary based on an individual's mood and beliefs. Consequently, these phenomena should not always be taken too seriously, as the bird's actions may simply result from seeking shelter from adverse weather or threats.

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