What clothes attract poverty: what you absolutely must not wear

People say that certain clothes can "attract" poverty

From ancient times, a great number of folk superstitions were associated with the clothing. For example, according to the belief, you can not hang things on the back of the chair - there is a chance to bring troubles and money into the house. And it was also not advised to make rags out of old clothes - it will lead to illness and ill health.

Superstitious people believe that some clothes seem to attract poverty. If you can wear out things after your parents and why you should use monochrome clothing with caution, read the article OBOZREVATEL.

What is recommended to do with the things of the deceased

Our ancestors believed that it was very dangerous to wear clothes of a departed person. There are many versions: such things can harm health, cause difficulty and lack of money, cause serious problems in the family, bring tears and misfortune.

People used to say that it was better to burn the things of the deceased, or at least give them to the needy. In this way, the omen lost its negative meaning. However, the superstition did not cover family jewelry: family earrings and rings would not bring bad luck.

Clothing associated with negative memories

There is a category of things that remind us of unpleasant or tragic events. During the first days of the full-scale invasion, most Ukrainians were so frightened and shocked that they simply did not pay attention to their clothes. Some had a sweater or sweatshirt that they wore to sit in shelters during the air raids. Someone, leaving for safety, was on the road for days, unable to change clothes. The list could go on endlessly: a dress that had a bad date, jeans that got you fired from your job, a T-shirt that no matter how you put it on - every time some kind of trouble happens. If there are things in your closet that are associated with unpleasant events, it is better to get rid of them.

Can I use my parents' things

Fans of prejudice do not recommend "wearing out" their parents' clothes. Even if mom's dress is perfectly preserved, and jeans now look very trendy. They say that things can accumulate the energy of their owners, and it especially affects close relatives.

Black and gray shades of clothing

Monochrome things look stylish and suit many images. But, according to psychologists, the closet should be diluted with bright colors at least sometimes. This will bring newness, achievements, joys and victories in life.

It is worth noting that there is an old belief that some things should not be thrown in the trash. This, for example, applies to handbags and purses. Throwing away the purse, you can bring trouble and lack of money. Also, it is not recommended to throw away underwear and children's things. What to do with old clothes? Read in this article.

Also OBOZREVATEL was told why people say that you should not wear the same clothes two days in a row.

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