What cats get offended the most: a list of prohibited actions

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Cats can be offended by closed doors or loud shouting

Cats are gentle, funny, and somewhat arrogant animals that consider themselves the rightful owners of the house. Cat owners often notice that their pets can feel anger and resentment.

Sometimes resentment turns into openly unfriendly actions - the cat may start to demonstratively ignore you or "mark" the territory, using the owner's shoes, a rug, or even the bed instead of the litter box. Read OBOZREVATEL's article to find out what cats are most often offended by and why you shouldn't put them out the door when they don't want to be.

Cats are usually afraid of loud noises. According to recent studies, the biggest fear is a vacuum cleaner. Loud noises make animals feel distrustful and stressed. Therefore, do not shout in the presence of your pet. If the cat has done harm, you can explain it by raising your voice a little and changing your intonation. Loud shouting at animals will not lead to anything good.

Cats can be offended by both the lack of attention from the owner and its excessive manifestation. The fact is that when a cat is busy doing its own thing - sleeping, resting on the couch, washing, eating - it is better not to touch it. However, contrary to popular belief that cats are very independent and walk "on their own," animals have a hard time with loneliness. Therefore, try not to leave them alone for a long time.

Cats consider their home to be their territory, so it is vital for them to know everything that happens there. They can get very offended if you constantly close the door on them when they want to enter the room. If the cat wants to explore the space, you should let it.

Sometimes cats are very offended when owners get another animal. They need time to get to know each other and let the "stranger" into their space. So don't be surprised if your cat starts to get angry, hiss, fight, or hide in the corners when you meet a new pet.

Probably, all cat owners have noticed that after visits to the vet, the animal looks very wary, or even angry. The fact is that cats are not able to understand the good intentions of their owners when they are taken to the vet for injections or other procedures. The cat is stressed, offended, and sometimes in pain. You just have to wait it out, and soon the animal will return to its usual mood.

Experts say that even when accustomed to certain prohibitions in the presence of the owner (do not climb on the table, do not scratch the sofa, do not hang on the curtains), cats can do harm when they are not seen. And this is not vindictiveness or malicious intent - it's just that animals have no distinction between good and evil.

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