What cats and dogs don't cause allergies: breeds that will work for anyone

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Bald cats and small dogs can become the favorites of even sensitive owners

Allergies are a very good reason to give up the dream of having a pet. After all, there is a great risk of severe consequences of an attack. The allergen can be not only cat or dog hair, but also saliva, skin or urine.

However, there are certain breeds that provoke allergies in humans much less frequently, if not provoke them at all, even in quite sensitive people. OBOZREVATEL collected lists of such breeds of cats and dogs.

Hypoallergenic dogs

Doctors advise people with allergies who want to get a dog to look for small breeds, as well as dogs that shed little and don't drool. The list of such breeds includes:

  • Poodle;
  • Labradoodle;
  • Bichon Frise;
  • Virtually all miniature terriers;
  • Chinese Crested;
  • Pygmy spitz;
  • Maltese;
  • Zwerg schnauzer;
  • Shih tzu;
  • Basenji.

Hypoallergenic cats

To choose a cat that does not cause severe allergies, you need to focus on the quality of the coat. Here are the criteria:

Bald cats - Sphynxes, Ukrainian Lefkoi, Elf, etc. have no hair. All these breeds need careful care, because they have nothing to protect the sensitive skin. They need to be bathed, dressed, cleaned their ears.

Curly-coated cats, such as Devon Rex and Cornish Rex, moult less intensively than the regular cats, and their fur is a bit tougher to the touch.

Cats without undercoat - Oriental, Balinese and Javanese cats have only the basic fur and have no undercoat. That is why they shed much less.

What to do to reduce allergy symptoms

Since 100% hypoallergenic cats and dogs do not exist, doctors advise those who have dared to get a pet, despite the propensity for reactions, to take additional measures to protect themselves. So the apartment should be ventilated often and thoroughly. And also frequently do wet cleaning. It also helps to comb out the pet. This task can be delegated to a professional groomer, who will conduct an express fleece in a special way.

Also people prone to allergies should not let the animal to their bed or on the sofa. Careful attention should also be paid to the bowls and toilets of the pet. And be sure to wash your hands every time after contact with the pet or its belongings.

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