What can be planted even in the snow: rules for winter sowing

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These plants overwinter well in the open

In winter, when nature is sleeping, summer residents also begin their vacations. But experienced plant lovers know that even in snowy weather, you can continue some work. In particular, planting certain plants.

The main requirement for species that can be sown on cold days is winter hardiness. OBOZ.UA tells you more about the species that meet this criterion and can take root even in cold weather.


Some vegetable crops tolerate winter sowing well. Here is a list of these plants.


It grows well as a winter crop. It can be planted in late fall, winter and spring, while there is still snow. It is not too sensitive to cold.


This vegetable takes a little time to grow and ripen. It also overwinters well in cold soil.


To get an early harvest, spinach seeds can be sown in the ground in winter. The cold will not damage them.


The sour herb overwinters well in the ground, so you can safely sow it in cold weather. It is one of the most resistant crops.


This root vegetable is also relatively resistant to cold. But winter sowing can be practiced in regions with a temperate climate. Carrot seeds may not survive a really frosty winter.


This crop is not very fond of severe frosts. But a mild winter or early spring can be a good time to sow peas.


Of all the types of onions, leeks can produce crops one of the earliest. But for this, it needs to be planted in winter.


To get a blooming garden as early as possible, you can start planting flowers in the winter months. You need to choose cold-resistant plant varieties and strictly follow the care recommendations. And here are the flowers that are suitable for this. Of course, these are mostly primroses.

Tender anemone

These are one of the first spring flowers to wake up with the first warmth. They do quite well in cold soil and have high winter hardiness.

Black hellebore

One of the poetic names for this flower is the Christmas rose. It also belongs to the primroses and blooms in early spring. Sometimes even before the snow melts.


This is probably the most persistent member of the amaryllis family. It is rare and protected. Therefore, you should buy bulbs for growing only from trusted suppliers.


Among the variety of white primroses, the crocus pleases with its bright color. It tolerates winter well and begins to bloom as soon as the day begins to approach night.

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