Wave of success for Aries and loss of love for Virgo: horoscope for December 8, 2023

Horoscope for all signs

December 8 will bring some difficulties and disappointments to the lives of some signs. However, there will also be positive transits that will help you achieve success in your career and build relationships.

Astrologers have compiled a detailed horoscope for each sign for December 8. The main advice is that it's important not to lose faith in yourself and confidently pursue your main goal, listening to your intuition.


Love. With Mars in Scorpio, you'll be looking for sincere conversations with your partner and want to share your innermost feelings. Mercury will start moving directly again, so you may feel more capable of handling all challenges.

Money and Career. You don't like daily routine, but it's the monotonous day-to-day work that will bring in the money.

Health. You need to avoid overstraining and not take on unnecessary obligations. If people are pulling you in a million different directions, take a step back. You need to follow your own path.


Love. Your partner will surprise you when you least expect it. In difficult times, your relationship becomes stronger and stronger.

Money and Career. Not a good day for your career, but you will feel inspired to create and express yourself.

Health. Give up fast food and try to limit the influence of bad habits.


Love. If necessary, see a psychologist to resolve relationship problems. Sometimes it's great to just pack your bags and go somewhere together.

Money and career. Single people will be lucky in romance today, but unlucky financially.

Health. Try to drink less alcohol as it is very likely to harm your health.


Love. You will have a very emotional day. You will have to solve many problems in your relationships.

Money and Career. Unfortunately, you may suffer major financial losses today. However, do not lose faith in yourself and keep moving towards your goal.

Health. In general, your health will be fine, but you may experience some back pain during the day.


Love. On this day, you should be open-minded and not ignore the opportunities for new acquaintances. Singles can find love, and the personal life of married Leos will be full of harmony and mutual understanding.

Money and career. Plan ahead and be more organized in your finances. If problems arise, don't despair and take immediate action. Try to stay calm and focus on the positive aspects of your life.

Health. Be careful and cautious while driving and take care of your physical fitness. You may encounter some troubles today.


Love. Some people are likely to go through a difficult period. Serious conversations and even the end of a relationship are possible. A great way to calm down is to go on a trip, at least for a weekend.

Money. Stay away from gambling and investing in the stock market. It will not end well.

Health. You should reconsider your eating habits and eat more foods rich in iron and vitamins.


Love. Unexpected surprises are a good way to fill your relationship with passion and joy. It will be great if you surprise your partner with a romantic date.

Money and Career. Good energy is in the air, and you may make an unexpected profit. In addition, new career opportunities await you.

Health. Be careful if you are prone to allergic reactions. Do something healthy for your body today.


Love. You will want more freedom, so you will probably spend the day alone with your thoughts. Lonely Scorpios won't even feel like flirting.

Money and career. Astrologers advise investing in real estate if you have the opportunity. You may face difficulties at work, but this is only to check if you made the right decision.

Health. Your overall health will be good, but work-related problems may give you a headache at the end of the day.


Love. Your relationships are getting deeper and deeper. You'll even think about taking on a new commitment. Talk to your partner about your future today.

Money and career. Try to learn from your mistakes and improve your performance along the way.

Health. To be able to function properly, you need to sleep well. Don't exhaust your body.


Love. Single Capricorns will feel very attractive when surrounded by supporters. And family members of the sign will have many disagreements about everyday problems.

Money and Career. It's better not to invest in real estate or vehicles today. Be sure to double-check all the work you've done before submitting your report. Those looking for a job will be very lucky today.

Health. Pay attention to the signs your body is sending you.


Love. Do your best to please your partner and rekindle feelings that have been fading away in your daily routine.

Money. Financial luck is expected today. Try to spend time studying and exploring new areas.

Health. Even if you look healthy, it is quite possible that you will feel pain today. Do not suffer in silence, but consult a doctor.


Love. One of your close friends has probably been trying to introduce you to someone for a long time. Say yes to new experiences today as this could be a really special person for you.

Money and Career. Remember that leaving your comfort zone is the best thing you can do for yourself. You should work hard to achieve success.

Health. Try to avoid physical injuries.

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