Volkswagen's new low-cost family car has been officially revealed

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VW Passat
The Passat B9 station wagon turned out to be roomy. Source: Volkswagen

The new Volkswagen Passat B9 has been officially presented. This is an inexpensive car for a large family. In the new generation, the model has become much more practical to please the most economic buyers.

The novelty was reported on the official website of the automaker. The new Volkswagen Passat of the 9th generation has become larger. The body length is 4917 mm (with a wheelbase of 2841 mm), the width is 1852 mm and the height is 1506 mm.

Now VW Passat B9 is only a station wagon, the sedan has disappeared from the model lineup. The design turned out to be more minimalistic in comparison with its predecessor. There are simple and large headlights, simple air intakes in the bumper and neat use of decorative elements.

At the back, the headlights are united in a long strip, which crosses the whole rear, all according to the latest fashion. There is a strict bumper below and a neat spoiler on the luggage door.

VW Passat

A new infotainment system with a display size of 12.9 to 15 inches will be installed. More compartments for storing small things appeared as well. The trunk volume is from 690 to 1920 liters.

VW Passat 2024 engines:

  • 2L 201 hp gasoline;
  • 2 l 261 hp gasoline;
  • 2 l 121 hp diesel;
  • 2 l 148 hp diesel;
  • 2 l 190 hp diesel;
  • 148 hp mild hybrid;
  • 201 hp plug-in hybrid;
  • 268 hp plug-in hybrid.

OBOZREVATEL already reported on a rare Volkswagen model, which was spotted in Ukraine.

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