Ukraine unilaterally handed over seriously wounded prisoners to Russia: details

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A humanitarian action was carried out - repatriation without any conditions

Ukraine unilaterally handed over to Russia seriously wounded and seriously ill prisoners whose condition allowed for transportation. This is not an exchange of prisoners of war, but repatriation without any conditions, as provided for by international humanitarian law.

This was reported by the Coordination Headquarters for the Treatment of Prisoners of War on March 24. "Ukraine carried out a humanitarian action and handed over to Russia all the seriously wounded occupants captured since the beginning of the large-scale invasion, whose condition allowed transportation," the statement said (photo at the bottom of the news).

The transfer was carried out in accordance with Articles 109-114 of the Geneva Conventions and with the participation of the International Committee of the Red Cross, the headquarters said.

At the same time, Moscow, ignoring international norms, is still holding thousands of Ukrainian citizens hostage, including seriously ill and wounded, civilians, non-combatants (persons who are not part of the armed forces of the country at war or are part of but do not participate in hostilities), children and women, the elderly, and those captured before the start of Russia's large-scale invasion.

According to international humanitarian law, all of them must be returned to Ukraine by repatriation without any conditions.

However, the aggressor country refuses to even allow representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross to visit the places where the prisoners are being held, does not provide them with communication with their families, proper food, or medical care, deliberately creating inhumane conditions of captivity, the Coordination Headquarters said.

"Ukraine calls on the international community to increase pressure on the aggressor state to force Russia to comply with international humanitarian law and release all illegally detained citizens of Ukraine," the headquarters said in a statement.


As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- "On March 24, Ukraine returned the bodies of 83 defenders who died in battles with the aggressor. Now, the families and all Ukrainians will be able to honour the heroes.

- On March 7, 130 servicemen were returned from Russian captivity, including Azovstal defenders, defenders of Bakhmut and Soledar. 90 captives of the occupiers were sent to Russia.

- Ukrainian defender and paramedic Yulia Payevska, who founded a fund to help the families of captured Ukrainians, said that Russia was "slowing down" the exchange of prisoners with Ukraine. Kyiv is trying to do its best, but the process does not depend on the Ukrainian side.

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