Trouble for Aries and new prospects for Aquarius: horoscope for all signs for the end of February

The energy of the week can be very difficult for many zodiac signs

The last days of February are always about waiting for spring, even if it is only a calendar spring. It's an exciting time when we all hope for the best.

But these days will bring troubles and excitement to some zodiac signs, astrologers say. Find out what's coming for your sign in the near future.


This week, you're going to encounter some unpleasant situations. Your hot-tempered nature at work can harm cooperation with the rest of the team. Restrain your aggression and change your behavior. In relationships, Aries can be conflictual, but understanding their partner will quickly calm them down. Singles will have to fight for someone's heart. Take a break this weekend and focus on yourself.


The coming days will be full of positive vibrations for you. Your courage and perseverance will be appreciated at work. At the end of the week, you will make new, useful acquaintances. Family oriented Taurus will experience the joy of being with their loved ones. You may even feel the urge to have a child. Single women born under this sign can expect a message with important information for their emotional future.


The beginning of the week will bring a deterioration in mood. At work, a gloomy atmosphere will develop because someone from the team will suddenly leave, and there will be no one to take over. In a relationship, you will make a lot of effort to meet your partner's needs, but he or she will still not appreciate it. Singles will have no desire to go on love dates, but a casual adventure with one of your neighbors will improve your mood.


You'll have difficulties at work, but rely on the support of others and you'll be able to overcome everything successfully. Representatives of the sign who are in a relationship may get tired of housework, but by the end of the week they will establish communication with their partner. Single women may be disappointed with potential admirers. Relax in the comfort of your home this weekend to restore your balance.


You will have a quiet week. At work, there will be no obstacles to your professional development, and if there are, you will easily overcome them. Family Leos will feel the urge to spend their free time with friends rather than their partner, which may not be to their significant other's liking. Single representatives of the sign should be careful with dating, because instead of receiving love, they may suffer harm.


You're full of energy and eager to overcome obstacles. So get busy solving problems. At work, focus on your current responsibilities, as disorganization can get you into trouble in the near future. In relationships, expect to have conversations that will determine your future. Single Virgos will meet someone who will offer themselves to them, but the love will be unstable.


From the very beginning of the week, you will try to fix the current situation. New and better prospects will appear at work, but you may have trouble choosing opportunities. Representatives of the sign who are in a relationship will strive to reconcile and improve the atmosphere. Singles can expect new admirers to appear, but they won't break your heart. Relax with a book this weekend.


You have exciting days ahead. There will be difficult situations at work, but thanks to your creative approach, they won't be a serious problem for you. Family Scorpios will try to bring more romance to their relationships. Recent threats of breakup from your partner have made you question the value of this relationship. But the free representatives of the sign will do a lot to return the old feelings, but the stars advise you to focus on something new.


You will face various incomprehensible situations that will be difficult to understand logically. When making a choice, rely on your intuition. There is a risk of making wrong decisions at work, so be careful and consult with experienced colleagues. In relationships, there is a great chance of reaching agreement with your partner and peace. Free representatives of the sign will make efforts to win someone's heart.


More caution is required of you now. At work, you will have to postpone certain planned tasks. In a relationship, Capricorns will have to adapt to their partner's capricious behavior and stop reacting to it nervously. Singles will win someone's heart, but one of their friends will not accept your choice. Spend the weekend in good company.


New prospects and opportunities for unexpected income will open up for you. Stick to the routine at work, as the slightest violation can lead to losses and problems. Long separations due to business trips are possible in relationships now. Single Aquarians have a chance to meet a person who will make your heart beat faster from the first moment. Spend your vacation actively, go in for sports.


Both positive and negative emotions await you this week. Learn to let them go. At work, be careful what you say. There are people around you who will not necessarily take your intentions well. In your relationships, take care of what's coming in the coming days. You won't regret it. Single representatives of the sign should pay attention to a mysterious brunette or brunet.

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