Top 5 things every gardener should do in the fall: you'll be grateful later

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What to do in the garden in autumn

Autumn is no less hot for gardeners than summer, and it's not just about harvesting. You need to have time to prepare perennials for the cold, insulate roses, and apply fertilizers.

It's also important to saturate the soil with nutrients, and green manure plants are ideal for this. OBOZREVATEL talks about the top 5 rules of smart gardeners that should not be neglected in the fall.

Remove tops and grass

After harvesting, it is imperative to remove excess plant residues such as tops, weeds, and grass. If this rule is neglected, the garden bed will be at high risk of spreading various diseases, including fungal diseases. In addition, pests can attack the bed.

It is worth digging up the garden

Before the first frost, the soil should be loosened. Experienced gardeners advise digging up the garden bed and leaving large clods on it. During the cold months, the soil can be eroded and weathered, which, of course, will adversely affect its structure.

Don't forget about fertilizers

In the fall, you should combine organic and mineral fertilizers. Fertilizing should fulfill three important functions:

  1. saturate the soil with nutrients;
  2. help trees, shrubs, and perennials build up a sufficient supply of nutrients;
  3. improve soil structure.

After digging the garden, you can add manure, compost, or universal mineral complexes. Fresh manure should not be used in the spring, as there is a risk that the plants will get burned. But during the winter, manure will saturate the soil with copper, cobalt, molybdenum, and manganese. Phosphorus and potassium fertilizers in the proportion of 50 g of phosphorus and 25 g of potassium per 1 square meter will be useful.

You can make a planting plan in advance

It is in the fall that you can make a plan for future plantings in advance, taking into account the rules of crop rotation. Some crops deplete the soil, so you should swap them out.

Why you need to deoxidize the soil

If you don't deoxidize the soil, you may get a poor, small crop next season. Experts recommend reducing acidity by liming. Slaked lime, dolomite flour, wood ash, or chalk are suitable.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told you which green manure can triple the yield.

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