Top 5 best plants for the right atmosphere in the home office

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Monstera, bromeliad and epipremnum will not only decorate the workplace but also provide fresh air

The days when it was customary to keep a cactus in the workplace to supposedly protect against monitor radiation (which is a myth) are over. Modern office culture tends to use more spectacular plants in workspaces. Looking at them helps relieve stress and makes the room look more cozy and less like a workshop.

Nowadays, many people have switched to remote work. Thus, that's a good reason to decorate your home office with a flowerpot or two. Invincible Houseplants has selected five easy-to-care species that will help you get in the mood for work. At the same time, they will purify the air, which is especially useful when you need to work in concentration.

Monstera deliciosa

A tropical vine with huge openwork leaves looks extremely impressive. At the same time, it does not require special care and grows very quickly. You can water it only once every two weeks. However, it will need a fairly spacious corner because it is a large plant. It also needs a bright place as due to the lack of sun, the monstera begins to produce small leaves without characteristic cuts.

Sansevieria trifasciata

Sansevierias (or, according to the new, revised classification, dracaena) are valued for being absolutely non-destructive plants. Sansevieria trifasciata is also distinguished by its solid appearance. It has tall, strong foliage that will decorate any interior. It is good to keep it in the workplace because this particular species filters the air better than any other and does not require much light. That is, you will have a comfortable atmosphere even in the most remote corner. And if you forget about watering, it can survive without water even for a month.

Howea forsteriana or Kentia palm

Since Victorian times, it has been considered a symbol of wealth because only rich people could afford plants from overseas countries. In your workplace, the Kentia palm can be responsible for motivation. It can grow very large (in nature - up to 10 meters tall with a crown width of up to 6 meters), but its growth can be controlled by pruning. It is undemanding to temperature and light, and needs watering once a week.

Golden epipremnum

Epipremnums, unlike monstera, grow with one stem from one root. However, they coexist well in several pieces in one pot, which allows you to create picturesque dense cascades or even entire evergreen walls from them. This plant is resistant to insect infestation and does not lose its bright leaf color in low light conditions: it can only affect the size of the leaves. And its ability to purify the air was even noted by NASA experts during a special study.


Imagine what a pineapple would look like on your desk. One way or another, plants related to it from the bromeliad family are quite successfully grown as pets. They are appreciated for their exotic flowers. The plant does not need regular and generous watering and feels better in bright places but without direct sunlight. The main requirements of bromeliads are good soil drainage and humid air. Expanded clay in a pot will easily cope with the first, and moisture will be provided by a wide tray with pebbles or sphagnum, where you will need to add water from time to time.

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