To whom the last full moon of December will bring happiness: horoscope

Horoscope for December 27

The December full moon will be a key moment of the year for three zodiac signs. The energies of the Moon not only level the emotional state, but also promote healing and strengthen inner strength and perseverance.

For some zodiac signs, this period heralds the beginning of a joyful phase marked by positive changes and opportunities for growth. Astrologers say that understanding these lunar influences can help us align with the cosmic rhythms, making the most of the opportunities and challenges that arise during this time.


This period is especially important for your household chores. You will think about how to fill your living space with care and attention. Your home will radiate warmth and comfort. This lunar phase is a time of deep personal revelations. The concept of home goes beyond the physical space to create an environment where you feel sincere love and understanding.

Recent fluctuations in your relationships have probably prompted you to think more about their dynamics. Balancing your interactions with others does not mean neglecting your own needs. Use this period as an opportunity to prioritize your well-being.


This is a period of bold self-discovery that will emphasize the significant strides you've made in your personal growth. The Full Moon will be a key moment to redefine your identity and values.

You are in a position to change the dynamics and boundaries of your closest relationships. With an open heart and mind, you are more receptive to accepting unconventional situations than ever before. If you're in a relationship, having a frank conversation with your partner can pave the way for greater independence, helping you both grow without feeling constrained. For single Leos, the stars advise you to enjoy your freedom by exploring the vast possibilities that life has to offer.


Although self-sufficiency is empowering, the December Full Moon will make you think about the balance between independence and meaningful connections in your life. It's time to reassess your relationships, to identify those that truly enrich your life. This lunar phase can inspire you to support others by embracing the reciprocity of true relationships.

The Full Moon will also shed light on your professional aspirations. Embrace change and challenges as they give you a chance to demonstrate your true potential. The powerful energy of the Moon will allow you to go beyond your perceived limitations.

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