To whom and when you can leave your headwear indoors: etiquette rules

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Modern etiquette does not require a man to remove his hat indoors under any circumstances

Since childhood, we all know that a man should take off his headwear indoors. However, modern etiquette rules are increasingly moving away from strict conservative norms. The same happened with the "hat etiquette".

OBOZREVATEL asked modern etiquette experts for their insights on this. And he tells us when you should take off your hat indoors and when it is not necessary.

Etiquette for men

The requirement to remove headgear in any room has been greatly relaxed, and in most cases, a man can remain in a cap, hat or cap when he enters a building. However, certain exceptions still exist.

  • For example, hats should be removed in a restaurant if you are sitting at a table. However, if you spend time in a bar, you don't have to worry about it.
  • In public places, such as a lobby, elevator, corridor, or public transportation, it is perfectly fine to keep your hat on. However, when you enter places that are considered private, such as someone's office, home, or apartment, it is more polite to remove your hat.
  • Any hats should be removed when the national anthem is played or the national flag is raised. The same rule applies to funeral processions. After all the formal celebrations, the accessory can be put back on your head.
  • In a movie theater or cinema, you must remove everything from your head, including compact items. Your cap or hat can block other people's view, which is very rude and impolite.
  • Wearing hats in religious institutions is inappropriate, unless it is required by the traditions of a particular religion. For example, when you are in a synagogue, you should wear a kippah.
  • It is considered a gesture of politeness if a man takes off his hat when a woman is next to him. Experts also recommend removing the hat when a lady passes by. You can put it back on when she passes you or when you start walking somewhere together or start a conversation. This is a somewhat outdated rule, but it can be used to show a woman a special attitude towards her - this signal is very easy to read.

Etiquette for women

Traditionally, a headdress is considered an integral part of a woman's outfit, so it is not required by etiquette to take it off indoors. However, there are nuances here as well.

  • If it is a cap, baseball cap, or other unisex headwear, it must be removed during the national anthem or flag raising on an equal footing with men. The same applies to the funeral procession.
  • Hats that are intended solely to protect against the weather - rain or cold - should be removed indoors. They are not considered part of the costume.
  • Large hats with wide brims or tall hats should be removed where they may obstruct the view of others. For example, in a theater or movie. However, at an exhibition, where viewers can move freely between exhibits, this requirement can be waived.

A few additional rules

  • Keep your hat off with the outside facing other people. Hold it in your hands or put it on your lap, but in no case show the lining to others.
  • Touching someone else's hat is rude. Especially touching without permission.

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