To make them last longer: how to wash nylon tights

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How to wash nylon tights

In the warm season, nylon tights emphasize beauty and femininity, and in winter they are often worn under jeans or business pants. Nylon tights are one of the most versatile and favorite attributes.

However, they are extremely delicate - they can be easily damaged, torn, or puffed, so there are often problems with washing. OBOZ.UA tells you how to wash nylon tights to make them last longer and not spoil.

How to wash tights in a machine

Do not throw tights that are already damaged into the drum of the washing machine - machine washing will "finish them off".

Do not wash nylon tights together with things that have zippers or fasteners - they can tear the delicate fabric.

It is best to use a special laundry bag. It will not only prevent the tights from getting twisted with other things, but also provide reliable protection.

Aggressive chemicals are not suitable for washing delicate fabrics. You should use liquid detergents without chlorine.

Tights should be washed only in lukewarm water at a temperature not exceeding 30 °C.

How to wash tights by hand

First of all, soak the tights in water with conditioner or washing gel for several hours. The water should be barely warm.

Then rinse the product under running water and leave it to dry.

Do not wring out nylon tights. They can only be wrapped in a towel and pressed lightly to absorb excess moisture. When drying, avoid direct sunlight.

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