To keep the house tidy and pets happy: how to clean your cat's or dog's bed properly

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How to clean a cat or a dog bed

Pets bring joy and positive emotions that make hair, dirt, and unpleasant odors seem like insignificant household trifles. When taking care of upholstery and carpets, pet owners often overlook cat or dog beds, which is where the largest number of germs accumulate.

Experts have told us how to clean beds properly. While these instructions will help you clean your pet's bed, they can also be used for upholstery, covers, curtains, pillowcases, bedding, and blankets.

A vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter will help reduce the spread of allergens in the air and also capture loose dirt that settles in the fibers.

Use an enzyme stain cleaner to help remove deep stains.

It is better to choose a laundry detergent that does not contain dyes and perfumes and is hypoallergenic. Remember that pets can also have allergic reactions and skin irritations. The right pet-safe cleaner not only removes odors and stubborn stains on the pet bed but also contains no harsh chemicals.

If possible, remove the protective cover from the bed. Washing it separately from the inner cushion or waterproof cover allows for a more thorough cleaning. If you are unable to separate the outer cover from the inner cover, that's okay, just follow the manufacturer's machine wash instructions.

Use hot water for pre-soaking. Set an extra rinse cycle to ensure that the machine cleans the fibers.

To hand wash, fill a sink, bathtub or other container with hot water (as far as the label instructions allow), add detergent and soak the lounger for an extended period of time (1-3 hours). Then rinse thoroughly. It is better to dry the beds in the fresh air or, if possible, in a dryer.

Pet dander is made up of tiny skin particles. They settle on surfaces and penetrate deeply into the fibers of fabrics. This means that even if you don't let your pet sit on the couch, you can be sure that dander is still there.

Use a lint roller regularly and steam clean the fibers to loosen them and remove dander.

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