Time to choose yourself: February full moon horoscope for all signs

Focus on what's really important now

From an astrological point of view, the Full Moon is a time of liberation from excess and unnecessary things, an opportunity to let go of a situation, slow down and introspect. In February, the full moon will occur on February 24 in the sign of Virgo, pushing us to make a choice in life.

Astrologers say that the right thing to do is to learn to choose yourself. Find out what this means for your sign in the horoscope below.


Your skills will be revealed when you make room for yourself to allow yourself to be far from perfect. Give up the idea that you need to please everyone. You can gain a lot of wisdom from your own experience. Imagining what others will say to you in response to your actions and words is unnecessary and very tiring. Focus on the process, not the result.


Think about money during the Full Moon. Perhaps postpone the purchase of an expensive dream gadget for a more suitable time or figure out what to invest in. But if you know for sure that spending will bring you back to yourself, buy what you've been wanting. We all need breaks, and when you start treating yourself well, you'll find that your energy battery is recharged and ready to go.


Allow yourself to enjoy the silence in your home. Yes, things may feel like they're falling apart, but there's no point in worrying about things that are out of your control. Enjoy being present in your life and in the moment. You may feel some pressure from society to know what you will do next. Don't pay too much attention to it - you know best what pace suits you.


Being able to analyze yourself is your gift. But don't abuse it. You may start to treat yourself unfairly. You may have the feeling that your inner child is opposing the outer adult. In reality, what you are experiencing is a little more complicated. Focus on appreciating the person you have become. And keep it simple.


You know what you believe in, and you like it. You realize that not everything is gold that glitters, and you don't have to live a perfect life. You've learned to recognize the value of what makes you feel safe. How you justify everything you hold dear depends on your skills and experience. Don't overanalyze your choices. Just trust yourself.


You don't want to tell the whole truth about yourself. Now you appreciate the opportunity to sit back and observe where other people come into your life and what they bring with them. This is an important stage of gaining experience. It is temporary but significant. So look at the world around you and gain new knowledge with pleasure.


You run the risk of losing the voice of your intuition in a sea of logical thinking. Its clues are usually fleeting and subtle. But it serves you well, helping you find the right answers. And sometimes this irrational knowledge of the answer is all you need. So reconnect with your intuition and enjoy life.


Stop analyzing your friendships. You may see some potential or guess words that have not yet been spoken. Let them remain unspoken. Controlling the outcome and trying to predict the future is the worst thing to do. You are exactly where you are supposed to be and you are ready for what is in your life. Enjoy the process and focus on spending time with those who matter to you.


You want to improve your financial situation, so start moving towards it. Update your resume and send out applications to several good places. You have a lot to brag about and be proud of. And until you really start talking about how important it is, you'll continue to miss out on great opportunities.


You know what you're talking about, and sometimes these words are quite harsh. The world makes you doubt yourself and your expertise, and puts your own opinions to the test. But you know exactly when the truth is on your side. Stop letting haters make you doubt yourself and take care of your self-esteem. Even if you are a little wrong, at least you can grow from the experience.


Whatever you say puts you in a vulnerable position. Stop thinking too much about the heartache, rejection, or potential shame that could come from sharing your truth. Only the truth will provide you with a strong connection to reality and other people. Don't let fears and emotions control you.


You have no idea who a person can become for you until you let them into your life. Don't over-analyze, criticize, or harshly judge others. Especially by their appearance. The more judgments you project onto a person without inviting them to talk, the more you push them away. And you risk losing your happiness.

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