Time-consuming: what flowers to sow for seedlings in winter

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Pelargonium is planted for seedlings in winter

The timing of sowing plants depends on many factors, but the most decisive is the growing season. Certain flowers have a long growing season, which means that the seeds take a long time to germinate, and then the sprouts need a lot of time to get stronger.

Experienced gardeners say that some plants should be planted for seedlings very early, as early as January. To know what flowers should be sown for seedlings in winter, read the OBOZ.UA article.


Begonia seedlings can be sown in early December, and the deadline for planting is early February. Begonia seeds do not need to be buried in the soil. Just lightly sprinkle them with loose soil. It is best to choose containers with lids. Before the first sprouts appear, you should create greenhouse conditions for the plant. For this, cover the containers with a transparent polyethylene film or glass.


Sowing carnations is very easy. You just need to take boxes, fill them with soil and sprinkle the seeds with wet sand. An important note: the container with the seedlings must be covered with glass. It is better to store the boxes with planting material in a well-lit place. Sowing is carried out from early January to mid-February.


Before planting primrose, it is imperative to stratify the seeds.

There are three important steps:

  1. Sow the seeds, pressing them lightly into the soil.
  2. Moisten the crops with a spray bottle: there should not be too much moisture.
  3. Cover the crops with glass and place them in the refrigerator. The optimum temperature should be +5...+7 °C.

In such conditions, you need to store the seedlings for 7-10 days, after which you should transfer the containers inside.

Seeds should be planted from February to March.


Petunia seeds should be scattered on the surface of the soil previously moistened with a spray bottle. Then cover the container with foil or glass and place it under a lamp. The temperature should be maintained at a fairly high level of +25...+27 °C. You can start sowing petunias for seedlings in February.


Pelargoniums should be sown in February. When planting, the seeds should be pressed into the soil and sprinkled with soil on top. It is important to ensure the circulation of fresh air and to ventilate the room regularly. Pelargonium does not like excessive moisture, so you should be careful with watering.


It is better to start sowing echinacea in early February. After scattering the seeds on the soil surface with an interval of 1-2 cm, you need to lightly sprinkle them with soil by 2-4 mm.

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