Throw them away or give them away: what things are wasting space in the kitchen

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How to get rid of clutter in the kitchen

In traditional apartment building layouts, kitchens were usually not allocated a lot of square meters. The accumulation of things and insufficient air circulation lead to unpleasant odors and mold.

Experts advise regularly cleaning the kitchen from junk and bulky items. Proper organization of the space will create a sense of comfort in the home. Apartment Therapy has told you how to get rid of clutter in the kitchen and what to throw away.

The nuances of serving

Festive tableware is usually used several times a year and on holidays. The rest of the time, plates, trays, decanters, and bulky salad bowls simply take up space in the cabinets above the appliances or lie pushed to the back of the lower drawers. Often, these dishes are inherited from the previous generation, so it's high time to reconsider which crystal salad bowls or tea sets can be thrown away or put in a box and rearranged, for example, in the pantry.

Ingredients for baking

Unless you're a professional baker, chances are pretty good that you have expired flour or sugar stored somewhere in your kitchen. Check all your baking ingredients for expiration dates. Experts advise you to resist the urge to buy these products in bulk if there is a risk that they will spoil before you are ready to bake again.

Gadgets you don't use

If there is at least one kitchen gadget in your kitchen that has been sitting on the countertop collecting dust for a long time (or taking up the entire drawer), it's best to move it to another place. If you haven't used it in the last six to twelve months, you're unlikely to start using it again.

Plastic and paper tableware

Pull out paper plates, plastic utensils, and napkins from your drawers and throw away anything you can't use. You may think these things will come in handy at some point, but they're really just taking up space.


No, you shouldn't throw away your favorite cups. However, you often end up with too many of them. Keep only the ones you'll be using or that have meaning to you.

Food storage containers

Almost every kitchen has a drawer with food storage containers. These are certainly useful items, but it's time to go through them. Containers that have a persistent unpleasant odor are difficult to clean. It is better to get rid of them and throw away any parts that are cracked or deformed.

Fabrics (dish towels, oven mitts, and pot holders)

Towels, oven mitts, and pot holders should be replaced regularly. Dirt, grease, and food residue accumulate on them - especially on towels. Throw away worn kitchen towels or mittens with burned holes long before they become too old.


If you sincerely love, cherish, and often refer to your collection of cookbooks that you may have inherited from your mother or grandmother, you certainly don't need to throw them away. However, if they've been lying around for years and just cluttering up your space, it's time to switch to digital recipes. Books that are dear to you as a memory are best put in boxes and moved to another room with more free space.

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