Three zodiac signs will push love away: horoscope for December 5

Horoscope for December 5

Self-love and self-defense are especially powerful during the Venus-Saturn trine. On this day, Aries, Leo, and Pisces will feel the need to protect their feelings from love.

This arrangement of planets may make you think about past bad experiences in romantic relationships and you will avoid all opportunities to feel love. Astrologers have compiled a horoscope for December 5, 2023, which will help you figure it all out.


You always listen to your inner voice when it comes to love. You may have a romantic partner, but you feel reluctant to continue the relationship.

Saturn encourages Aries to engage in spiritual practices to learn more about their needs and feelings. Today brings up the idea that you may not be with the "right" person.


Leos will feel like they want to be alone today and think about their feelings. You have an uncontrollable desire to hide from love and romance. This is strange for Leos because they want to build a trusting and lasting relationship.

Listen to yourself today and take time to relax. It is better to be alone so as not to harm your romantic partner.


There is a good reason why you want to give up love on this day. This year you have had difficult periods in your romantic relationships, so you intuitively feel that today you need to be alone and pay attention to your feelings.

Pisces is not going to interfere with anything that even slightly resembles a love affair, not now, that's for sure.

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